Black Friday vacuum cleaner: specials on the Dyson and iRobot

Black Friday vacuum cleaner: specials on the Dyson and iRobot

BLACK FRIDAY VACUUM CLEANER. Promotions keep pouring in on robot vacuums. The latest models of iRobot and Roborok are sold off and the first offers arrive on Dyson vacuum cleaners. Roomba 971, Roomba i7 +, Dyson Heurist or V11, here is our selection of good deals.

[Mis à jour le 15 novembre à 12h22] Black Friday is approaching and it shows. Vacuum cleaners, the best-selling household appliance products in the business operation, are showing increasingly attractive reductions. For the time being, robot vacuum cleaner models have won the palme d’or for the best promotions with discounts on several iRobot models in the Roomba and Braava ranges, at Roborok with S5 and S7 on sale but also at Samsung, Lefant or Dreame. These connected and silent vacuum cleaners take care of the household independently and save precious hours, hence their popularity with consumers.

In addition to robot vacuum cleaners, the cordless broom models are also in the good graces of consumers and on these products also the promotions are starting to be interesting. In this area, the Rowenta brand excels and offers several models including its flex vacuums on promotion. Despite everything, it is the Dyson brand that remains the leading brand and the English manufacturer in turn aligns the discounts on its products on the occasion of Black Friday with its robot vacuum Dyson Heurist or its V11 broom model in Outsize and Torque Drive Extra version. Of course, if the novelties of each brand can be sold at a reduced price, it is above all the old ranges which are the most sold off, but they are nonetheless good deals. About ten days before Black Friday, it is time to take an interest in the offers stamped “Black Friday” and to monitor the prices so as not to miss any promotions. As it is difficult to keep an eye on everything, find in this article our selection of the best tips.

The Dyson and Rowenta vacuum cleaners should again be among the most sought after models during Black Friday, In previous years they were also the ones with the best promotions and, as announced, all forms of vacuum cleaners were present: broom vacuum, robot vacuum cleaner, cordless or bagless. Find a selection of models to watch closely on the eve of Black Friday 2021. You can also find the best models by category below in our dedicated selections!

The Dyson brand has established itself on the vacuum cleaner market and on all types of models: broom, robot, bagless, etc. The vacuum cleaners of the English brand will certainly be snapped up during Black Friday. Among the popular models, we will keep an eye on the offers on the stick vacuum cleaners of the V7 and V8 ranges. The latest models may be the subject of small promotions, such as the Dyson 360 Heurist, a robot vacuum cleaner model, but one thing is certain there will be good deals to be had on devices from the previous ranges. For the time being, few promotions have fallen but the festivities are only just beginning.

What are the great deals on iRobot Roomba and Braava robot vacuums?

The iRobot brand has established itself in the highly prized sector of robot vacuum cleaners with the devices of the Roomba range. Last year the best-selling vacuum cleaners during Black Friday were largely iRobot products, the brand and the brands have understood this and seem to want to repeat the experience. Several flagship models such as the Roomba 692 or thevacuum cleaner Braava Jet M6134 cleaners were among the first to be sold and are gradually being joined by the brand’s other devices. However, we must remain vigilant with reductions, especially on the most expensive products because while some offers are indeed good deals, others are rather customer traps. The best solutions to distinguish the good plans is to be able to make a comparison between the prices in normal times, the initial price during the promotion period (the price crossed out therefore) and the effective price once the promotion has been applied. We’ve done this work on the best iRobot vacuum cleaner deals and here are the deals you can’t miss.

Robot vacuum cleaners are making their mark on the market. Very quickly, connected objects conquered homes with all their functions: animal hair, hair, dirt and dust, nothing can resist them. The number of products sold has exploded in recent months and for those who are still hesitant to get such a vacuum cleaner, Black Friday is a great opportunity to take the plunge. The quiet and highly efficient vacuum cleaner takes care of vacuuming for you, even when you’re not around! Capable of sucking up dust and dirt on their own, they save precious time. In this area, the brands iRobot, especially for its Roomba range, and Roborok with its S7 model stand out. Robot vacuum cleaners are widely represented among the first Black Friday offers, here is a small selection of products to follow closely during this great year-end operation.

Stick vacuum cleaners have gradually nibbled the market to the point of becoming the most sought-after models because they are inherently practical and easier to transport from one room to another compared to canister vacuum cleaners. Here again, the Dyson brand is well represented but the competition is fierce since there are also very good references from more traditional brands on the household appliance market such as Electrolux, Hoover or Dyson’s rival brand: Rowenta.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are also among the popular vacuum cleaner models, especially when operations such as Black Friday are organized. Some models are already displayed at reduced prices.

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Black Friday vacuum cleaner: specials on the Dyson and iRobot