Alain Delon recovered and in shape: this shot full of hope posted by his son Alain-Fabien

This Monday, November 8, Alain Delon celebrated his 86th birthday. For the occasion, he reunited with his sons Anthony and Alain-Fabien. The latter shared a beautiful photo with his father, all smiles.

Stroke victim in 2019, Alain Delon seems to be doing much better. This Monday, November 8, one of the most popular actors of French cinema in the 60s, celebrated his 86 years. For the occasion, he reunited with his two sons : Anthony (born in 1964) and Alain-Fabien (born in 1994).

The youngest son of Alain Delon then shared a beautiful shot of his father and his big brother on his Instagram account. In the photo, the ex of Romy Schneider appears all smiles alongside his sons. All three are holding a glass of champagne for this very special occasion. In legend, Anouchka’s brother wrote: “86 today. Happy Birthday Pa“. A photo that did not fail to react the fans of the actor. Many have expressed their joy to see him also in good shape : “What a joy to see your daddy“,”That the three of you are beautiful” or “Happy Birthday Alain“.

After having come close to death, Alain Delon prepared his succession.

If the French actor appears today in good shape, his fans feared for his health more than one time. In 2019, his son confirmed he had suffered a stroke and brain hemorrhage. He had been hospitalized at the Salpêtrière hospital then in a Swiss clinic.

Alain Delon is now very far-sighted regarding his death. On November 4, some elements of his will were revealed in the show Inheritances. According to information from the program broadcast on NRJ12 “He is preparing for the worst and announces that he has already prepared his succession“. The actor whosehis fortune would be estimated at several million euros above all wants his family to stay together and not tear themselves apart after his death.

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Alain Delon recovered and in shape: this shot full of hope posted by his son Alain-Fabien

Hank Gilbert