A look back at the Tribute Concert to Francis Lai

The melody artist (nickname given by the Americans) passed away on November 7, 2018. Two years later, the music world wanted to pay homage to him with an exceptional concert. The worldwide success of the Nice composer, at the height of the respectable man he was, his talent and his work endure in the music of the greatest singers, like all the artists present at this concert.

Who was Francis Lai?

Known the world over for its musical masterpieces, Francis lai was a French composer passionate and talented: find his entire universe just here. Born in Nice in April 1932, he began his career by integrating the orchestras of his region, then he moved to Paris and moved to Montmartre. His meeting with Pierre Barouh will (positively) turn his life upside down: the artist presents him Claude lelouch, the successful director we know today and who was only in his early stages. This meeting marks a long and fruitful collaboration, tinged with a sincere and deep friendship.

With more than 600 songs composed throughout his career, Francis Lai has greatly influenced the international music world (English pop, US rap, etc.) by being one of the first to use synthetic sounds in his compositions. . THE’Nice artist has also collaborated with the greatest French voices, in particular that of Edith Piaf or Elton John. Francis Lai composed the music for a hundred films, beat the record number of records sold abroad, won numerous awards and even started his own clothing brand in Japan.

Accomplished artist, the creator of The bicycle d’Yves Montand also had a fulfilled personal life: with his wife and model Dagmar, the couple gave birth to 3 beautiful children. In all his entourage (professional or private), Francis Lai has always been appreciated for his humility, his kindness, his talent and his disinterest in showbizz (despite his great success).

Many artists present to pay tribute to the composer

Friday 05 November last, Francis Lai Orchestra offered a tribute concert at the Grand Rex in Paris. Entitled The Aristocrat of the Melody, he mixed both videos and songs. And, for an exceptional evening, exceptional guests… From many artists were present to celebrate the life and memory of the composer in a vibrant tribute: Claude Lelouch for the opening of the evening (on the occasion of which the French director spoke of the collaboration and friendship that linked him to the composer from Nice) , the musicians Jacky Tricoire (guitar), Jacky Delance (piano), Jacques Ferchit (accordion), Tony Bonfils (bass), Fred Couderc and his troupe. The Philharmonie de Paris also made his strings resonate for the late artist. Other notable guests: the singer Calogero, the last artist to have worked alongside Francis Lai, and Nicole Croisille who had interpreted the first A man and a woman, title created by Francis and awarded a palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival (1966).

The composer is hailed by many artists, both for his collaborations with them throughout his career and for the friendships he has created. His songs have also been covered by music stars : Dalida, Aznavour, Mylène Farmer, Jacques Dutronc, Patricia Kaas or Johnny Halliday. The producer of this concert, Thierry Wolf (FGL Production) wanted to say a few words about this great artist: “Francis was a beautiful soul, like the music he composed, both sweet and romantic […] know it, the man behind the composer was huge! ”

For all fans who did not have the chance to attend this tribute concert, rest assured: a video recording of the evening has been made and will soon be broadcast around the world.

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A look back at the Tribute Concert to Francis Lai