A family affair (Arte): Everything you need to know about the winner of the Palme d’Or

A societal inspiration

With A family matter, Hirokazu Kore-eda is inspired by real facts and wishes in particular to denounce the policy pursued in his country by the government of the former Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe. In an interview in South Korean newspaper Chuo Nippo, the filmmaker said: “Instead of helping the poor, the government makes them losers, and poverty is treated as a problem of personal responsibility. “

A constant heartbreaking which made the director want to highlight in a feature film the neglected of society. During an interview for The Express, he gave in particular some situations which he had attended and which inspired his characters on the sidelines: “I wanted to write the story of various people living in community and who would not necessarily be related by blood, but by something else. This other thing is crime. I still had to define which crime precisely. So I did some research and immersed myself in the various facts that have hit the headlines in Japan in recent years. “Before continuing:” What stood out mainly were the scams at retirement: many people do not declare the death of their parents to continue to receive their pension. I also came across many articles about parents teaching their children how to steal in order to resell these goods in order to pay their bills. “

Personal inspiration

To transcribe the intimacy of a family, the Japanese director was also inspired by his own experience. This was particularly the case for the protagonists of his feature film who are directly adapted from members of his family. “My father spent all his money on horse, dog and boat races, which meant that my mother had to work until the end of her days to support us. Me, I was spoiled by my two older sisters. So I grew up in a home that looked a lot like that ofA family matter », He confided in Paris Match.

Some scenes are also childhood memories that the filmmaker has transcribed. “Like the character of the son, I hid in the closet because it was the only place I could take refuge to be alone. The look that this little boy poses on adults can very well be superimposed on that which I posed on my own family, ”he added in the columns of the weekly. In addition, Hirokazu Kore-eda confided that he himself had experienced the fear of abandonment and the desecration of the father figure; emotional experiences that the characters also go through in A family matter.

A Palm of the Quarrel

Five years after winning the Jury Prize on the Croisette for his film Like father, like son, the filmmaker finally won the ultimate Cannes Film Festival award, the Palme d’Or, for A family matter in 2018. Based on information published by Point, this award was greeted coldly by Japan. Indeed, the government – which usually hastens to congratulate Japanese nationals rewarded in any way abroad – has not commented on the trophy won.

This political reaction is partly due to the message of the award-winning film, which through the eyes of a family denounces the harmful effects of the division of Japanese society. Hirokazu Kore-eda had declared at the microphone ofAlloCine : “I wanted to describe this family which is not yet marginalized and which fights not to be more so.” Before continuing: “In the past in Japan, the middle class was very important and today it is crumbling. This is not a situation unique to Japan: the gap is widening between the very rich and the very poor who find it difficult to survive despite the fact that they work. “

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A family affair (Arte): Everything you need to know about the winner of the Palme d’Or

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