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As usual, CNET France recommends the best movies and series to watch in streaming on Prime Video and Netflix. SVoD’s service catalog is full of top-notch programs.

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This time, the editorial staff advises Upgrade (Netflix) and Snowpiercer (Amazon Prime Video), two programs that are worth seeing.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix and Prime Video?

An Effective Anticipation Film: Upgrade (Netflix)


After an assault that left him paralyzed, and in which his wife was killed, Gray Trace is contacted by a mysterious wealthy inventor who offers to administer an experimental remedy that would repair his body and improve his abilities. He accepts and has an implant endowed with an artificial intelligence that increases his faculties tenfold. Become superhuman, he goes in search of those who killed his wife.

CNET France’s opinion

Science fiction has been one of the most popular genres of the past few decades, and it is often difficult to find a movie that stands out, and that is genuinely original. Good news for us: Upgrade is one of those!

A true story of anticipation eyeing the side of the work of Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick, Upgrade questions artificial intelligence and its limits with a realism and a chilling accuracy that naturally refers to our own ultra-connected daily reality.

Where does the human end? Where does the machine start? Complex questions finely processed, and incorporated into a psychological thriller with impressive action scenes. Leigh Whannell (who directed The Invisible Man in 2020) shows formidable ideas of staging, especially in the fights, which are of an exhilarating violence and nervousness.

We regret that the visual universe of the future shown in the film is a bit smooth and flat, but these little aesthetic frustrations dissolve very quickly. Upgrade is a refreshing proofreading full of questions and hackneyed themes, and a thrilling film that will keep you going until the last minute.

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A Great Sci-Fi Movie: Snowpiercer (Amazon Prime Video)


2031: a new ice age has hit the planet. The survivors of humanity have boarded a gigantic train that turns without ever stopping around the globe, the Snowpiercer. In this small world of moving metal, a new society has been recreated. The better-off classes live comfortably at the front of the train, while the poorest are exploited and die at the back. A deadly hierarchy that a handful of men will try to upset …

CNET France’s opinion

Released in 2013 and adapted from the French science fiction comic The Transperceneige published in 1982, Snowpiercer quickly established itself as one of the most impressive science fiction films of recent years.

With a comfortable budget and a five star casting, Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and Jamie Bell in the lead, the film uses its basic premise to take up themes dear to the post-apocalyptic genre and question our humanity: the morality of society, the absurdity of capitalism …

This Hollywood adaptation stands out from the crowd with its violent approach and uncompromising criticism of society modern. An identity that jostles us in our little personal comfort, and that we owe to its director, Korean Bong Joon-ho.

The filmmaker, who a few years later won the Palme d’Or and several Oscars for his film Parasite, married with Snowpiercer the very nature of the science fiction genre, which is to challenge and put into perspective the shortcomings of our contemporary era.

We find ourselves dazzled by the poetry of certain sequences, shaken by the violence of the action scenes and overwhelmed by a gallery of endearing characters. Finally, Snowpiercer is not an easy movie, but it feels so good.

For the curious, The Transperceneige has also been adapted into television series, broadcast on Netflix, and you can read our review here.

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2 sci-fi movies to watch tonight on Netflix and Prime Video – CNET France

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