Yotuel and Beatriz Luengo offer “Patria y Vida” awards to Our Lady of Charity in Miami

Yotuel Romero and Beatriz Luengo, two of the song’s composers Homeland and Life, they offered this Sunday the Latin Grammy awards obtained for the song to the Virgin of Charity in her hermitage in Miami.

“Today we meet at 3:00 pm at the Ermita de la Caridad in Miami. Blessing the Grammys for the Cuban people. More guests can not be, “announced the artist on social networks.

“Thank you Beatriz and Yotuel for giving us that beautiful hymn for all Cubans, God Bless you, Homeland and Life,” commented one user among the hundreds who thanked the musician’s gesture.

“You dedicated the award to all Cuban mothers and she is the mother of all Cubans, we have asked her year after year for the Freedom of Cuba. Thank you for such a beautiful gesture, that trophy will one day be with her in Cuba, blessings for all who have made it possible, ”said another.

At Holy Mass, Father Fernando Hería, rector of the Ermita de la Caridad Sanctuary, celebrated that the artists deposited the awards at the feet of the Virgin.

“There have been several occasions in which a Cuban who receives a high-level award or recognition, brings it to the feet of the Virgin of Charity, as a token of gratitude to God through his Mother, and also for recognizing in her to all the Cuban people, ”said the priest.

Hería recalled that the American writer Ernest Hemingway presented the Virgin with his gold medal, after receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature. “This award that today (Yotuel and Beatriz) offer here, from the diaspora, is a triumph for all the Cuban people,” he said.

“It was they who turned Patria y Vida into the new anthem for freedom, which reflects the desire of Cubans to be free,” he said. Shortly after, Yotuel gave the awards and sang the song, receiving applause from those present at the mass and clamoring for the end of the dictatorship in Cuba.

The song, which has become an anthem for those who oppose the Havana regime, won two Grammy Awards during the ceremony held in the American city of Las Vegas, where the freedom of political prisoners was demanded. The awards received were in the categories of Best Urban Song and Best Song of the year.

The day before, the singer Randy Malcom, from the duo Gente de Zona, defended the value that the song Patria y Vida entails for the Island, in which he participates with Alexander Delgado, Descemer Bueno, Yotuel, El Funky and Maykel “Osorbo” Castillo.

“For many it will be a song, for us an anthem of struggle for our freedom,” said Malcom from his social networks on Saturday.

“We sacrifice many things by making this beautiful song, such as having your right to return to your homeland, to see your family, to be threatened by the Cuban government taken away. But I swear it was worth it ”, he assured.

Gente de Zona dedicated the awards received to their country, Cuba. The phrase that gives the song its title and opposes the slogan of Fidel Castro, Patria o Muerte, has been the reason for repression by the regime, even against those who use it on posters. It was shouted by many at the massive anti-government demonstrations on July 11. The issue has also been heard in various protests on the island.

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Yotuel and Beatriz Luengo offer “Patria y Vida” awards to Our Lady of Charity in Miami