Yes, aha, the Nobel for AMLO

“My feeling is that nations cannot really be one and that their activities could not lead to the common good of all humanity, unless the law was recognized in national and international affairs. That is, in the peaceful order. Nations cannot be called civilized except to the extent that they obey this law “


I join in the fanfare and joy caused by the anniversary of the palatine tenant. 68 winters that should be celebrated in style and what better way than to join the initiative launched by the deputy – coming to Morenoista – Patricia Armendáriz, and already supported by many, to award her a prize Nobel.

One? No way! Let’s give him several or even a special edition so that the world knows the proposals of the macuspano …

From this column we join the aforementioned proposal and, already paid for, to award him a prize that has been forgotten, but is just as important as the Nobel Peace Prize: the Cy young.

How baseball fans know this award Awarded annually to the best pitcher in the major leagues. The first time it happened was in 1956, posthumously to Cy Young who won 511 games and who also holds a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Yes, for hot ball purists, the Cy Young is only awarded to the best pitcher in each league (American and National) but we can get the 28 members of the American Baseball Writers Association to award it to Lopez Obrador. It will be easy to convince them, the way in which López Obrador macanea is unique in the world. You can throw problems so far that you can’t see them, even when they are still there.

Andrés Manuel is also an example of a magnificent physical condition, he could well give some advice to Putin, who being a year older than the Tabasco does not have a belly, nor does he stop to eat fried foods on Russian roads. It is an advantage that Putin does not play baseball because surely ours’cotton head‘I could teach you how to make one or two moves to make fun of the opposition without having to expatriate them, as happened with Anaya …

I also propose that we give him the award for the greatest fritanguero; Thanks to him, we have learned about the most important and vital things in this country: the extraordinary inns that he has visited in these almost three years.

There we have seen him eat, eat and eat. And then eat more. It is the only way to maintain such an incredible and plump figure. Asking not to consume soft drinks is not an apex for you to find ways not to eat healthily.

Regarding the Nobel prizes to which he should be nominated – and get them! -, I am concerned about the one that was created by Alfred Nobel, an inventor, businessman, scientist and entrepreneur who also wrote poetry and drama. Such a fifi and I don’t know if that antecedent is a reason for Andrés Manuel to despise him.

This year you can aspire to the six Nobel categories:

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was given this year for the development of asymmetric organocatalysis. Suffice it to say that this consists of the acceleration of chemical reactions. That is something that AMLO achieves every day in the morning; systemic reactions of some Mexicans against others that accelerate the process of disintegration of the social fabric. In any case, the award can be given to our first president for destroying the environment with fuel oil and coal, without forgetting that with the white elephants the ecosystem where they are being built will be ruined.

Now this year the award Nobel Prize in Physics It was awarded for modeling the Earth’s near future climate, quantifying variability, and reliably predicting global warming. What better way than to include López Obrador here! With its proposal to return to the burning of coal and fuel oil, Mexico will make a very important contribution to the prediction of how the earth is polluted and warmed. Or, let’s nominate him for his proposal that airplanes repel each other; This opens a new panorama never imagined by any human being. Destroy the laws of gravity and the simplest understanding.

While the Nobel Assembly of the Karolinska Institute awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for the discoveries of temperature and touch receptors, López Obrador should be awarded for the terrible numbers achieved in the pandemic. From being in the five countries with the highest number of deaths as a result of this disease, the first in the field of medical personnel (including nurses and all those who care in the health sector), to the dishonorable first place in children orphaned by Covid-19 . This without forgetting to recognize him for having refused to vaccinate minors against Covid.

The Nobel Prize in Literature could be awarded for achieving something like Victor Hugo; Although the latter took 20 years to write “Los miserables”, the Tabasco in less than three years sent more than two million people straight to misery, while writing his book on moral economy …

The prize must be awarded Nobel of Economics as well, the same that this year was awarded to David Card for his empirical contributions to the economics of labor. Something very similar to what has happened in our country, where the informal economy is increasing and we have more than 2.6 million Mexicans looking for work. Achieve that – even before the pandemic – Mexico only grew 0.1 of GDP, in addition to bankrupt companies, being Mexico one of the countries that will take the longest to recover, which lost places in the competitiveness ranking and is among the worst in corruption .

Finally the award Peace Nobel. This year it was awarded to María Ressa and Dmitry Muratov “for their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace.” Easy: in the obradorista period, 44 journalists and 68 human rights defenders have been assassinated. Just like the aforementioned winners.

Therefore, let’s do a coperacha to find that Andrés Manuel can be nominated in the six categories to the Nobel, to the Cy Young and surely we will also think of an Oscar that should / can receive, such as the best scriptwriter of a horror film …

Only with so many awards could he avoid being remembered for what he really is: one of the worst presidents in the world.

Verónica Malo on Twitter: @maloguzmanvero

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Yes, aha, the Nobel for AMLO