Will María Fernanda Cabal run for Congress after losing the presidential candidacy?

This Tuesday, November 22, 2021, the Democratic Center publicly reported that the only candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for that political party will be the former senator and former Minister of Finance, Óscar Iván Zuluaga, who in 2014 had already been elected as a candidate for the Presidency. Although the political leader won the first round, he lost in the second round to former Defense Minister and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Juan Manuel Santos.

To choose the sole candidate, who will represent them in the 2022 elections, the Democratic Center hired the National Consulting Center and the Yanhaas firm to apply more than 4,200 polls to party supporters, in order to choose one of the 5 militants of this movement. The other 4 candidates were Paloma Valencia, Alirio Barrera, Rafael Nieto, and María Fernanda Cabal.

After knowing the results of the polls, Zuluaga thanked the support of his party colleagues and affirmed that he will work to unite the country around employment, security, health, education and equality. “Today begins a new era in the Democratic Center. The era of speaking less and listening more to citizens. From tomorrow I will start a national tour called ‘I am all ears’ to listen to Colombians from all corners of the country“said the candidate.

Cabal talks about his aspiration to Congress

Senator María Fernanda Cabal asserted that she will support Zuluaga’s campaign and indicated that She has no intention of occupying the position of Vice President of the Republic. However, he did not rule out the possibility of running again to Congress in order to continue working from the legislature. “I do not want a position in the Government, I prefer the Congress, because from there one has more independence and raises its lines and objectives“, he commented in an interview with W Radio.

Likewise, he expressed that the party may make new alliances to achieve the objective: get to the House of Nariño. In addition, he announced that the person who is launched to the Vice Presidency for that party will have to go to an internal consultation. “Remember that in this transit there may be consultations with other parties and movements. The consultation is where the Vice President is determined. I will continue in the work of Congress“added the senator.

Regarding the polls, the congresswoman expressed that she accepts the results and added that she will not question the handling that was given to them. “We accept some rules of the game and you honor your word. There are some results and we trust them. There was supervision and audit. I do not want to enter into a dispute if it was added wrong“Cabal pointed out. Some of the allies of the Democratic Center in the presidential elections could be Juan Carlos Echeverry, Dilian Francisca Toro, Federico Gutiérrez, Alejandro Char and Enrique Peñalosa.

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Will María Fernanda Cabal run for Congress after losing the presidential candidacy?