Who is Dmitri Murátov, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize?

We tell you what you need to know about the third person in Russian history who won the Nobel Peace Prize.

“I’m laughing. I was not expecting it at all. It’s like a frenzy here. I saw the call from Norway, but it seemed like an inopportune call ”, was what Dmitri Murátov, one of the founders of New Gazeta, in an interview with the publication Podyem, on the news that he had become a Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2021.

On October 8, 2021, the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo ad that Murátov had been one of the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Russian human rights activist Andrei Sakharov and the first president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, were the previous recipients.

Muratov born on October 30, 1961 in Kuibishev (currently called Samara and located 2,500 km from Moscow). In 1983 he graduated from the Faculty of Philology at Kuibishev State University. His first job after the army was in the newspaper Volzhski Komsomólets, and then joined the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

In November 1992, he left the Komsomolskaya Pravda to co-found the journalists association Sixth floor. Journalists who disagreed with the newspaper’s editorial policy joined the association. The association founded Nóvaya Dnievnáya Gazeta, which was later renamed New Gazeta.

In 1993, Murátov directed a column in the newspaper, “Rating of the Lies”, in which it collected outstanding histories in which a civil servant of the government lied openly. At the end of each month, the newspaper identified the “boss of the liars.” At the same time, Murátov joined the editorial board and became deputy editor-in-chief.

From December 1994 to January 1995, Murátov worked as a special correspondent for Nóvaya Gazeta in the war zone in Chechnya. In February 1993, Murátov became editor-in-chief of New Gazeta, a position he continues to hold.

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For many years, under his leadership, the newspaper has published articles critical of corruption, illegal detentions, electoral fraud, police violence, and other major political and social problems in the country.

Anna Politkovskaya worked for New Gazeta, where he wrote about the war in Chechnya and often criticized the authorities. She was shot and killed in an elevator at her home on October 7, 2006. An investigation has identified and convicted the organizer and perpetrators of the murder, but who ordered it has not been found. Politkovskaya’s murder was related to her journalistic and human rights work. The Novaya Gazeta journalists, led by Murátov, are conducting their own investigation to find out who ordered the murder.

“We do not have a single point of view on the mastermind behind this murder. There are several people in the newsroom who have dealt with the Politkovskaya tragedy in great detail. <...> We have demanded many times that the case continue to establish who ordered the murder. October 7 [2021] It will be 15 years since the murder, and that is what it prescribes. That is, the client may be found one day, but will no longer be in prison. We are requesting an extension of the statute of limitations in this case in order to continue the search for the criminals ”, said Muratov to Komsomolskaya Pravda on the investigation of the murder of Politkovskaya.

In addition to Politkovskaya, five other journalists from New Gazeta have been killed and several staff members survived assassination attempts. In a column after the award of the Nobel Prize, Murátov wrote that they were the ones who deserved the award, not him.

Novaya Gazeta publication, October 6, 1993

Meanwhile, the newspaper’s journalists have won more than 60 professional awards, including the Pulitzer Prize.

“Despite the killings and threats, Editor-in-Chief Murátov did not renounce the principle of independence, and has consistently upheld the right of journalists to write about the topics they choose, provided this is consistent with the professional and ethical standards of the journalism”, has declared Berit Reiss-Andersen, director of the Norwegian committee.

Muratov will donate part of the Nobel Prize (about $ 1.14 million) to the Circle of Kindness Foundation, which helps children with serious and rare diseases.

The Kremlin also congratulated Murátov on receiving the award.

“We can congratulate Dmitri Murátov. He works constantly on his ideals, he is committed to his ideals. He has talent, he is brave ”, said the president’s press secretary, Dmitri Peskov, at a briefing.

Murátov himself, in a comment on receiving the award, drew attention to the fact that several publications and individual journalists in Russia have been recognized today as foreign agents, and due to this status they are losing advertisers and some are even closing.

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“I can say this: we will defend the Russian journalism that is being repressed with this award. That is all. We will try to help people who are now recognized as agents, who are now being persecuted, who are expelled from the country ”, said Murátov.

“Don’t you dare say that the case is solved”, in memory of the journalist who was murdered 10 years ago, Anna Politkovskaya.

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Who is Dmitri Murátov, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize?

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