Who can be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize? Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler were

  • Each year, the Norwegian Nobel Committee selects the winner of the prestigious award from hundreds of applicants

The Nobel Peace Prize It is one of the awards that arouses the most interest in many aspects. The secrecy with which its candidates are chosen, the members of the Committee who choose the winner or how diverse their nominees are some of the highlights of the award.

Under the terms of the will of Alfred Nobel, the Norwegian Nobel Committee is in charge of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize since 1901 but it has never been known for sure why. The inventor of dynamite left no written explanation as to why the peace award was to be awarded by a Norwegian committee while the other awards were to be handled by Swedish committees. The Nobel Committee is composed of five members appointed by the Storting (Norwegian Parliament). Its composition reflects the relative strength of the political parties in the Storting and is assisted by specially appointed expert advisers.

Fraternity of the Peoples

In his will, Nobel indicated that the awards bearing his name “will be distributed annually as a reward to those who, during the previous year, have rendered the greatest services to humanity.” The explanation bequeathed in his last wishes continues as follows: “The total will be divided into five equal parts, which will be awarded: one to someone who, in the field of Physical Sciences, has made the most important discovery or invention; another to someone who has done it in Chemistry or introduced the best improvement in it; the third to the author of the most important discovery in Physiology or Medicine; the fourth to the one who has produced the most remarkable literary work in the sense of idealism; finally, the fifth part to those who have labored more and better in the work of the brotherhood of peoples, in favor of deletion or reduction of standing armies, and in favor of the formation and propagation of peace congresses“.

For this same reason, given the inconsistency of the measurements, historical figures such as Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin they were candidates for the Nobel. In 1935 Benito Mussolini was nominated to win the award shortly before the invasion of Ethiopia, or to intervene in the Spanish Civil War. In 1939 Adolf Hitler was nominated for the award for his “ardent love for peace”, as justified by the Swedish deputy who nominated him and who later denied saying it was “sarcasm”. After them, at the end of World War II, another dictator was nominated, but in this case he took the cake by being a candidate twice. Josef Stalin was proposed in 1945 and 1948.

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One of the main obstacles to being nominated, far from being the candidate’s actions, is the bureaucracy. Although it sounds like a joke, nominations The awards must be submitted in writing, in a specific form that specifies the work carried out by personalities trained to do so in the opinion of the Foundation, “without taking into account personal recommendations” and failure to do so leads to disqualification .

These trained people are the ones who in a more or less intentional way will derive their nominations to people with whom they have left a political or diplomatic mark in most cases. “The current and former members of the Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliament; the advisers appointed by the Norwegian Nobel Institute; the members of the national legislative bodies and of the governments of the different countries; the members of the Inter-Parliamentary Association; those of the International Court of The Hague; those of the Committee of the Permanent International Peace Office; the members and partners of the Paris Institute of International Law; the university professors who hold chairs of law, history and philosophy and the persons who have obtained the Nobel Prize in peace”, are the groups trained to make nominations.

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Who can be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize? Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler were

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