Who are the Mexicans who have won a Nobel Prize

Every year, an international ceremony is held to award the Nobel Prize to the most outstanding projects and with the most contributions for humanity, but within these ceremonies there have been mexicans who have been winners. Do youWho is it are? To continue; the details.

The Nobel Prize It is awarded to both women and men who contribute their talents to the enrichment of knowledge in different areas, for example, in scientific and humanistic areas. Today it is known as the most prestigious award in the world.

What is the origin of the Nobel Prize?

The Nobel Prize It originates on November 27, 1895 when Alfred Nobel signed in his last testament that he would donate most of his fortune to a series of awards that recognized the most important projects in the world within the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine. , Literature and Peace.

Alfred Nobel’s decision caused a great stir in his family and in public opinion, since it took five years to be awarded the first award; the first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901.

Since then, more than

600 awards worldwide
, among which are three mexicans which will be discussed below.

Who are the Mexicans who have received a Nobel Prize?

Throughout the history of the Nobel Prize, it has been three mexicans who have received such an award for their intellectual contribution. These are: Alfonso García Robles, Octavio Paz and José Mario Molina Henríquez.

Alfonso García Robles received the Nobel Prize de la Paz in 1982 due to the negotiations it led to completely ban the use of nuclear weapons. This Mexican was born in Zamora, Michoacán, in 1911, and is known as the father of the Treaty of Tlatelolco.

After being closely involved in the negotiations, his diplomatic skill was recognized with a Nobel Prize de la Paz, as the prohibition agreement was successfully accepted.

Octavio Paz was born in 1914 in Mexico City, but he was one of the greatest writers of his time. In 1938 he was one of the founders of the magazine “Taller”, which marked the emergence of a new generation of writers in Mexico.

In addition, he had a strong international presence, only in France did he write El laberinto de la Soledad, a fundamental study on Mexican identity; in 1962 he was ambassador to India, during which time he wrote multiple books such as La Gramática del Mono and La Cuesta del Este.

Overall, his entire storytelling had a huge impact, which is why he was awarded the

Nobel Prize
of Literature in 1990.

Jose Mario Molina Henríquez

Mexican scientist José Mario Molina Henríquez shared the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 1995 together with the American Frank Sherwood Rowland and the Dutch Paul Crutzen after warning the world about the danger of the thinning of the ozone layer that surrounds planet Earth.

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Who are the Mexicans who have won a Nobel Prize

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