Where are the pools that can be used in case of big fires? | El Cordillerano Newspaper

In mid-September, as part of the prevention tasks being carried out by the Volunteer Firefighters of our city and Dina Huapi, they opened a registry of private swimming pools to supply mobile phones in case of emergency.

In addition, the articulated work between these institutions adds an enormous amount of tools for a more effective fire attack. Those neighbors who have a pool and wish to offer it can still enter the link https://forms.gle/nnA5FxakAkQyHdrx7 and register.

The Fire Officer Rodrigo Alonso in dialogue with El Cordillerano commented on the progress they have made. “So far they have offered 33 pools and an Australian tank that is empty but the Melipal firefighters are going to go to see if it can be filled.” Actually, any sink works, it doesn’t have to be very big.

Both the articulated work and the detailed information are uploaded in files to which all the barracks in Bariloche and Dina Huapi have access. After a winter with very little rainfall, it is assumed that summer will come with a drought “we have already had some cases of fires, hopefully it will be a quiet season but we have to be cautious and be prepared for what may come.”

The largest outbreaks so far have been in the access area to Dina Huapi and Las Chacras “Everything that is forestry is in charge of SPLIF but we participate as long as there is a danger of housing.” Also when they are summoned by Civil Protection to work on the forestry itself.

He added “In the case of Dina Huapi, the firefighters from that town called us to give a hand because of the proximity of the fire to the houses, if it continues to grow we will leave from the different barracks.”

Speaking of the technical question, to drink water from a pool does not require elements other than those used when they do it from a lake or river. “We put the suckers or hoses and with the same motor pump we load our units,” he clarified.

Depending on the mobile, it is the amount of water that it can contain “in Volunteer Firefighters Bariloche we have a truck that has 14 thousand liters and others that are smaller than 1500, for the foresters we as headquarters have three units that each load 2500”.

Accesses and hydrants

Another of the meticulous tasks that the volunteer firefighters are carrying out is to verify the accessibility of those pools offered. “Our technical department is working on that, what use would it be to have one if there is not enough space to arrive, load and leave”.

The contribution of data from Aguas Rionegrinas is essential to identify the hydrants in the streets of the city and its surroundings. “All this is also loaded into a Google Earth database to have it on hand when necessary, there we also mark the accesses to lakes, waiting areas, concentration of victims, among other things.” There are hospitals and health centers and all the elements that each barracks has in case of need.

We can all collaborate

Beyond continuing to register in the registry to offer pools, the entire community can join in this work articulated with the Volunteer Firefighters of the city. Alonso explained “in addition to identifying the fire hydrants in their neighborhoods, if they go down the street and find a fire hydrant, it is a metal cap that is marked with an H, they take a photo of it with their cell phone and send it to anyone’s Facebook of the barracks detailing the exact address of its location ”.

Another task for the home is precisely that, clearing weeds and forest residues at least ten meters around their homes. They can also notify the Neighborhood Board if they know that access to that sector is complicated for a truck so that they can coordinate with the Municipality in clearing it.

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Where are the pools that can be used in case of big fires? | El Cordillerano Newspaper