What to expect to happen in the last weeks of a person’s life

What signs would a person have in their last days of life? That question tries to answer ‘Marie Curie’, a UK-based charity and care foundation for the elderly and terminally ill patients.

The organization -which has the name of the scientist and Nobel laureate- emphasizes that “We are all different, so it is not easy to say exactly what will happen when someone nears the end of his life. “

It all depends on each subject, depending on the entity, and on factors such as diseases or medical treatments that they are going through.

Thus, these are some of the symptoms described by the foundation on its official website. It is worth saying that just a doctor or specialist You will be able to diagnose them and establish procedures to deal with them.

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Discomfort can be exacerbated, as outlined by the foundation.

“With the right treatment and support, pain can usually be controlled. Inform the doctor of any pain. They will look for medicines or other ways to control it ”, they add.


Some people lose weight or their muscles look more thin and fragile. “This may be due to her illness, treatments, or loss of appetite,” says ‘Marie Curie’.

Weight loss is one of the symptoms that can occur.

However, other individuals put on kilos due to the swelling that fluid retention can cause.

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Weakness and increased sleepiness

Daily activities can overwhelm to the people. The entity says that you need to spend more time in a chair or bed to rest.

“At this stage, a lot of help is required to bathe, eat and go to the bathroom,” they say.

Cold or hot

Changes of temperature they are mostly present in the body, according to the organization. The subject seeks to cool down with air or shelter, depending on the moment.

Eat and drink less often

Tastes can change and people won’t always need to eat at the same time every day. Some have difficulty ingesting food, have pain or dry mouth, or feel sick, “says the foundation.

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People can change their eating habits.

The recommendation given by the experts of ‘Marie Curie’ is to help the individual to eat at their own pace or go to soft and calorie servings such as ice cream and yogurt.

Likewise, the organization recommends visiting a doctor in case the patient requires a change in their nutritional plan.

Nausea and vomiting

Digestion can be inconvenient for some subjects. In addition to activities to distract or relax at those times, the entity recommends visiting medical specialists to find out why these signs occur.

Bladder and bowel problems

People can lose control of these organs by relaxation of your muscles. Constipation can also appear and make food intake complex, as the organization reports.

“There are ways to ensure that comfort and dignity are maintained as much as possible. Ask the doctor what they suggest to help with this, ”they say.

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The difficulty to to breathe is another of the symptoms. ‘Marie Curie’ comments that some tend to feel anxious and that can work against, therefore, you should seek help to calm down.

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Difficulty breathing is another of the symptoms outlined by the foundation.

Similarly, a doctor can intervene and recommend treatments to make it easier for you to breathe.

Noisy breathing

“Some people’s breathing can become noisy if mucus has built up in the throat and airways. This may be because they are not coughing or clearing the pathways ”, they clarify.

When the individual is sleeping and does strange noises when breathing, according to the entity, they can move it or change its position.

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Even these sounds may seem foreign to their caregivers, but they cannot be to the patient. Only a doctor will have the treatment to follow.

Talk less

The few words or be quiet they can be a sign that generates some concern in the people around you.

The aforementioned entity advises to speak to them frequently about the family, the news or read to them to cope with the situation.

Abuse in nursing home

Patients could be silent for several hours.


It’s a state of mind, according to the specialized portal ‘Medlineplus’, in which the subject feels confused or disoriented.

‘Marie Curie’ proposes to generate an atmosphere of tranquility for the subject and to help him in any matter he needs.

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Delirium is often caused by things that can be treated, such as medications, dehydration, infections, or constipation. The doctor or nurse can see what might be causing the problem and what might help”, They maintain.

Restlessness or agitation

This can occur due to various factors, such as illnesses, reactions to medications or emotional concerns, according to the entity.

In line with the previous sign, for the foundation it is pertinent to search pleasant and safe spaces so that individuals do not feel agitated.


Consulting a specialist is the best option.

The above are the symptoms that ‘Marie Curie’ reviews. Again, it is pertinent to emphasize that they cannot be generalized, since each organism is different. Of course, seek medical help to address these situations.

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What to expect to happen in the last weeks of a person’s life