Vargas Llosa leads an initiative in support of the Cubans of 11J and those who will come out on # 15NCuba

Dozens of personalities from Europe and America have signed a LETTER OF SUPPORT TO THE CUBAN PEOPLE from the International Foundation for Freedom (FIL), chaired by the Nobel Prize in Literature Mr. Mario Vargas Llosa.

The letter, signed by more than 80 recognized figures expresses support for the Civic March for Change in Cuba on November 15, convened by the Archipelago and different sectors of civil society.

“We accompany the request for the release of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, especially those arrested for peacefully demonstrating on July 11,” indicates the document signed in Madrid.

Archipelago has said that the objectives of the Civic March for Change in Cuba are: to demand the freedom of political prisoners, especially those of 11J, an end to violence and respect for the rights of all Cubans and to find a solution to problems through democratic and peaceful means.

The text recalls that “for decades, and more than 60 years, the people of Cuba have suffered the gigantic oppression of the longest-lived dictatorship in the history of Latin America, thus being deprived of the most elementary human rights. Since 1952, Cubans have not participated in free elections and several generations have been persecuted for the exercise of journalism and freedom of expression, as have all kinds of human rights activists on the island. But the Cuban people raised a cry of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY on July 11, showing the international community that Cubans are standing up in the struggle for the conquest of their rights and the construction of a democracy. “

The letter says that it is the Cuban people “who ask, as José Martí did long ago, for a Republic with all and for the good of all” and that for that reason “all of us who defend freedom and democracy in our region and the world, protected by international law, the Inter-American Democratic Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: We express our solidarity with the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom and democracy. “

“Cubans have the right to choose their future, their demands are legitimate and necessary for the construction of the rule of law on the island,” states the letter signed by the following personalities:

  1. Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize in Literature, Peru
  2. Luis Alberto Lacalle, Former President, Uruguay
  3. Mauricio Macri, Former President, Argentina
  4. Lenin Moreno, Former President, Ecuador
  5. Ernesto Zedillo, Former President, Mexico
  6. Jorge Quiroga, Former President, Bolivia
  7. Alfredo Cristiani, Former President, El Salvador
  8. Pablo Casado, President, Popular Party
  9. Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid
  10. Fernando Savater, Philosopher and writer, Spain
  11. Gioconda Belli, Poet and novelist, Nicaragua
  12. Enrique Krauze, Historian, Mexico.
  13. Álvaro Vargas Llosa, writer and journalist, Peru
  14. Esperanza Aguirre, Former President of the Senate, Spain
  15. María Corina Machado, Former Deputy, Venezuela
  16. Carlos Alberto Montaner, Writer and journalist, Cuba
  17. Mauricio Rojas, Former Minister of Culture, Chile
  18. Yoani Sánchez, Journalist, Cuba
  19. Rosa María Payá, Activist, Cuba
  20. Luis Fernando Camacho Vaca, Governor of Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  21. Ricardo López Murphy, Former Minister of Economy, Argentina
  22. Patricia Bullrich, Former Security Minister, Argentina
  23. Pedro Cateriano, Former Vice Minister of Justice, Former Minister of Defense, Peru
  24. Javier Milei, Economist, Argentina
  25. José Luis Espert, Economist, Argentina
  26. Jorge Triana, Deputy, Mexico
  27. Gerardo Bongiovanni, President of the Fundación Libertad, Argentina
  28. Carlos Rodriguez Braun, Economist, Spain
  29. Sergio Negrete Cárdenas, Economist, Mexico
  30. Cristina Pérez, Journalist, Argentina
  31. Eduardo Feinmann, Journalist, Argentina
  32. Alejandra Reynoso, Senator, Mexico
  33. Carlos Felipe Mejía, Senator, Colombia
  34. Jonatan Viale, Journalist, Argentina
  35. Raúl Tola, Director of the Vargas Llosa Chair, Peru
  36. Darío Lopérfido, Director of the Vargas Llosa Chair, Argentina
  37. Ramiro Villapadierna, Director of the Vargas Llosa Chair, Spain
  38. Idania Chirinos, Journalist, Venezuela
  39. Carlos Sánchez Berzaín, Former Minister of Government, Bolivia
  40. Oscar Ortiz Antelo, Former Minister of Development, Bolivia
  41. Leonardo Padrón, Writer, Venezuela
  42. Daniel Lacalle, Economist, Spain
  43. Juan Ramón Rallo, Economist, Spain
  44. Axel Kaiser, Lawyer and writer, Chile
  45. Roberto Cachanosky, Economist, Argentina
  46. Florencia Arietto, Lawyer, Argentina
  47. Carlos Mota, Journalist, Mexico
  48. Glenda Umaña, Journalist, Costa Rica
  49. Pilar García de la Granja, Journalist, Costa Rica
  50. América Rangel, Member of Parliament for Mexico City, Mexico
  51. Massimo Mazzone, FIL Business Council, Italy
  52. Marcel Granier, FIL Business Council. Venezuela
  53. Andrés Cardo, FIL Business Council, Peru
  54. Javier Osa, FIL Business Council, Spain
  55. Rafael Alfonzo, FIL Business Council, Venezuela
  56. Sebastián Araya, FIL Business Council, Chile
  57. Carlos Zuloaga, FIL Business Council, Venezuela
  58. Rocío Guijarro, CEDICE, Venezuela
  59. Kitty Monterrey, Vice President of the Liberal International, Nicaragua
  60. Berta Pantoja, President of RELIAL, Mexico
  61. Ian Vázquez, Writer, Peru
  62. Óscar Álvarez Araya, Political Scientist, Costa Rica
  63. Alejandro Bongiovanni, Lawyer, Argentina
  64. Guadalupe Juárez, Journalist, Mexico
  65. Mario Pentón, Journalist, Cuba
  66. Gustavo Pérez Firmat, Writer, Cuba
  67. Roberto González Echevarría, Researcher, Cuba
  68. Daniel Córdova, Former Minister of Production, Peru
  69. Gustavo Lazzari, Economist, Argentina
  70. Diana Mondino, Economist, Argentina
  71. Ignacio Bongiovanni, Economist, Argentina
  72. Gerall Chavez, Journalist, Nicaragua
  73. Lourdes Ubieta, Journalist, Venezuela
  74. Mariela Palma Cambronero, President Free Association, Costa Rica
  75. Antonio de la Cruz, Political Analyst, Venezuela
  76. Agustín Antonetti, Activist, Argentina
  77. Félix Llerena, Activist, Cuba
  78. Youth and Democracy in the Americas, United States
  79. DemoAmlat, Argentina
  80. Young Group of Fundación Libertad, Argentina
  81. Actions for Democracy, Cuba

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Vargas Llosa leads an initiative in support of the Cubans of 11J and those who will come out on # 15NCuba