Today’s ephemeris, November 16, 2021: What happened on November 16?

On this day, November 16 but in 1977, the Council of Europe unanimously approved the entry of Spain into the body. Spain has just come out of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

Also on November 16 in 2010, UNESCO declared the Flamenco as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. “Flamenco is an artistic expression resulting from the fusion of vocal music, the art of dance and musical accompaniment, respectively called cante, baile and toque”, UNESCO describes on its website. The origin of flamenco is located in the 18th century and Andalusia is its cradle. However, there is no unanimity on his denomination and even if his birth may be prior to the century indicated.

You want to know more? Discover the ephemeris of November 16 and see what happened, who was born and who died on a day like today. Also, do not miss what is celebrated, the horoscope and the saints today.

What happened on November 16?

1493: Christopher Columbus arrives in Puerto Rico.

1780: Túpac Amaru II proclaims the abolition of slavery for the first time in America in Cuzco (Peru).

1870: Courts choose Amadeo de Saboya to occupy the throne of Spain.

1885: Kodak founder George Eastman invents nitrocellulose film for image printing in the United States.

1904: The United States buys all the rights to the Panama Canal.

1923: The first airplane flight over Antarctica takes place.

1923: Interpol is created.

1938: The decisive Battle of the Ebro in Spain ends.

1938: Chemist Albert Hofmann synthesizes lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and discovers its psychotropic effects four years later.

[1945:The creation of UNESCO in London (United Kingdom) is agreed.

1946: A carrier pigeon is decorated for its courier services during World War II in the United States.

1979: UNESCO proclaims Old Havana and the surrounding fortresses a World Heritage Site.

1989: Paraguayan writer Augusto Roa Bastos wins the Cervantes Prize for Literature in Spain.

1990: The Church of Santa María de Altagracia de Jaraíz de la Vera is declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

2009: The judgment in the González et al. Case (Campo Algodonero case) of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights holds the State of Mexico responsible for the disappearance and death of the young Claudia Ivette González, Esmeralda Herrera Monreal and Laura Berenice Ramos Monárrez.

Who was born on November 16?

1841: Agustín Riancho, Spanish painter.

1904: Thorold Dickinson, British filmmaker

1913: Ramón Sijé, Spanish writer, journalist and lawyer.

1922: José Saramago, Portuguese writer, journalist and playwright, Nobel Prize for Literature.

1931: José Casas Gris, Spanish footballer.

1944: Máximo Valverde, Spanish actor.

1961: Sabino Méndez, Spanish musician.

1967: Lisa Bonet, American actress.

1982: Pere Aragonès, Spanish politician.

1983: Britta Steffen, German swimmer.

1986: Cezar Washington Alves Portela, Brazilian soccer player.

nineteen ninety five: Noah Gray-Cabey, American actor.

2006: Mason Ramsey, American singer-songwriter.

Who died on November 16?

1920: Anna Kalmanovich, Russian writer, feminist and suffragette.

1975: Wynn Bullock, American photographer.

1993: Tomás Garcés, Spanish poet and journalist.

2000: Joe C., American rapper.

2005: Henry Taube, Canadian chemist, Nobel laureate in Chemistry.

2011: Armando Morales, Nicaraguan painter.

2012: Fernando Casanova, Mexican actor.

2014: Josep Maria Bachs, Spanish radio and television presenter.

2015: Joan Bosch Palau, Spanish filmmaker.

What is celebrated on November 16?

On November 16 the International Day for Tolerance, in addition to the International Flamenco Day.

Horoscope for November 16

Everyone born on November 16 has the zodiac sign scorpio according to the horoscope.

Santoral of November 16

The November 16 is the saints of Saint Margaret of Scotland, Saint Edmund Rich, Saint Eucherius of Lyon, Saint Fidencio bishop, Saint Gertrude Magna, Saint Agnes of Asis, Saint Lucia of Narni, Saint Otmaro of Switzerland and Saint Roque González and companions.

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Today’s ephemeris, November 16, 2021: What happened on November 16?