They dedicate a tribute to Mario Molina one year after his death

One year after the death of Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Mario Molina, The National College held a heartfelt tribute, with the participation of different personalities such as the former US President Al Gore, who called him a hero for his work and fight against climate change; but his brother Luis Molina also attended, who on the verge of tears, said that “Mario left us immeasurably orphaned.”

“A tennis lover, he died suddenly while watching Roland Garros, suddenly he felt bad, without pain, and lying on the couch, he told my sister-in-law ‘I’m going to faint’, were his last words, he died at 77 years old, still productive at the pinnacle of his life, victim of a sudden arrhythmia, ”said Luis Molina during the tribute organized by Dr. Julia Carabias and Dr. José Sarukhán.

“It is said that it is the death of the just, he left without having suffered horrible diseases, of which they are slowly being destroyed, without a doubt, those of us who knew him left us in an immeasurable orphan.”

Luis Molina He could not contain the emotion, and between sobs he maintained that “a human being left, leaving a terrible hole, not only for our family and my memories, but also for research in Mexico and the world.”

Before, he related that they belong to a large family, seven siblings, because their father was widowed twice; José Mario is the fourth child from his first marriage, his mother died when he was barely two years old and although he learned to play the violin, he always showed an interest in chemistry.

“The Nobel is not a lottery, Mario Molina he did not win the fat, the nobel won Mario Molina, a pioneer in understanding the most serious problem that concerns the very survival of humanity, climate change ”, he stressed; in addition to highlighting that among his brothers, “the best in every way, José Mario, I never saw him angry, he was quite lonely and taciturn.”

For his part, in a videotaped message, the former vice president of the United States, Al Gore, said that Dr. Molina is a personal hero, but also that of millions of people for his scientific work and his fight against climate change.

Also in video message, the rector of the UNAM, Enrique Graue He said that this ceremony represents the opportunity “to once again express our regret for the loss of an illustrious Mexican, an exceptional human being, university pride and an international standard of scientific knowledge and for the fight against climate change.”

For his part, Eduardo Bárzana from the Mario Molina Center considered it a shame that Dr. Molina was unable to express his message at COP26, since “he, like few others, has been publicizing for decades the warning of the serious risk that we are running due to human irresponsibility ”.

Former Secretary of the Environment, Julia Carabias said that in addition to being a great scientist, Mario Molina was a humanist and defender of nature. Meanwhile, the former rector of the UNAM, José Sarukhán He highlighted that Dr. Molina’s studies on the destruction of the ozone layer allowed the international community to reach a consensus, not only in words, but also in deeds.

“He had the tenacity to take this to international forums and ensure that a global environmental problem could be solved with international consensus and this is a really remarkable thing.”

“There was good science that these chemical compounds were damaging the ozone layer and that it was incontrovertible like climate change now and nothing happens, in that case the Montreal Protocol finally passed, which was really a unique event,” he said.


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They dedicate a tribute to Mario Molina one year after his death