The Nobel Prize House will have a garage sale

The house where Gabriel García Márquez and his wife Mercedes Barcha lived reopens its doors to sell more than 400 personal belongings of the couple and donate the resources obtained to a charitable foundation in favor of indigenous children.

«We wanted to give a little continuity to the Gabos clothes. We did not know how to do it, we thought of several options and this was a good option to invite people and also have access to the house »

On August 15, 2020, six years after the death of García Márquez, Mercedes Barcha died in Mexico City due to respiratory complications.

Without her present, the house in which he shared his love since 1975 with the Nobel Prize winner, located on Calle Fuego 144 in the capital, was left alone.

It was Emilia who began with the idea of ​​giving “a second life” to her grandparents’ clothes, and with the consensus of her relatives, she undertook a sales project that will start on October 20.

«It was very exciting because a lot of the clothes are from other times in the Gabos (…) It has also been quite hard. The memories continue and entering someone’s closet (closet) is so intimate that letting go of their things is a way of saying goodbye to a part of them ”, considered García.


Emilia found in her grandparents’ clothes signs of the life of one of the most important Latin American literary figures.
«It was like re-meeting my grandparents. There were many clothes that had little things in their pockets and it was very cool because suddenly you would take out a pen, and it would take you back to those times, “said Emilia.

A sack with a pen ink stain, another with a marker in the bag, both from Gabo, or a scarf (neck scarf) kept in a Mercedes coat, are some traces that inadvertently remained static over time in the garments that are now on sale.

“(The objects) we leave them as they were because they are small vestiges of moments of past life so beautiful for us, too significant,” he mentions.

“Gabo used sharpie (markers) for everything. He signed books with these. It was something so of him, “he adds.

Although the couple were not so interested in fashion, names like Louis Vuitton, Max Mara or Marina Rinaldi abound in Mercedes clothes. And in the case of García Márquez, his clothes made to measure by various tailors marked his own style.
«The sacks (coats) remind me of Mercedes, and I remember seeing my grandfather with the monkeys. They were something very of him in his relaxed and casual stage, that’s what reminds me the most of him », explained Emilia.

In order to attend the sale, the public will have to request an appointment through the Casa de Literatura Gabriel García Márquez Instagram. So far the places are occupied for Thursday and little by little they hope to receive more people.
The proceeds from the sale will be donated to the FISANIM Foundation, led by the actress and activist Ofelia Medina, dedicated to supporting children from indigenous communities in the south of the country.

“Ofelia is a close family friend, her foundation helps children from indigenous communities and we all believe as a family that helping children is important, there was not a single doubt,” García said.


The house located at Fuego 144, in Jardines del Pedregal, will soon become the Gabriel García Márquez House of Literature, it will be chaired by Emilia and her intention is to make her “favorite space in the world” a place where tradition literary and cultural continue with workshops, talks and conferences.

“This house is very important to me, I am grateful to my family for giving me the opportunity to take charge of this for now,” said Emilia.


Currently the study of the Colombian writer already has an offering to celebrate and remember the Gabos for the next Day of the Dead.

«I always describe Gabo as an extremely funny person. He always contributed a lot to a world of illusion that we had and he always invented things that he never knew whether to believe him or not. He was funny, generous and very loving. He was always very present, “recalled his granddaughter, who confessed that she never called him grandfather.

For his part, he remembered Mercedes as strict but “with an impressive love.”

«She was the director of all this, she created this world. Mercedes’ life is very important and she is not given the credit she deserves, “he concluded.

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The Nobel Prize House will have a garage sale

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