Because I would not want to detract at all from the work of María Ressa, a brave reporter, a world icon of press freedom from her Rappler news portal, and whom the government of her country, the Philippines, has taken four days to congratulate for the award. He works between threats and lawsuits, denouncing corruption and the violation of human rights. A woman who dignifies the award that Barack Obama received, who sat watching the drones he sent to kill people in action. And a woman who joins the female minority who have picked it up since it was instituted, 17 compared to 115 men. It must be that pacifism is not good for us either, although better than Physics (4 awarded against 209) or Economics (2 awarded against 84, and both ex aequo). If we do not stand out in peace, although we do not usually start wars ourselves, we will have to continue fighting the same battle against cornering that does not give truce. This year, like the past and worse than the past.