The King begins the delivery of the Jaume I Awards in La Lonja

The Lonja de los Mercaderes de València dresses up, one more year, for the delivery of the Rei Jaume I Awards, in a formal ceremony that will begin this noon and in which King Felipe VI will be present, in addition to a wide representation of Valencian civil and political society, led by the Minister of Science, Diana Morant, the president of the Consell , Ximo Puig and the ministers Arcadi Spain, Carolina Pascual and Ana Barceló, as well as the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó. The Government delegate, Gloria Calero, is also present.

The Rei Jaume I Awards, promoted by the Valencian Foundation for Advanced Studies (FVEA) and the biochemist Santiago Grisolía, are awarded to people who are dedicated to research and innovation, who stand out in their field of work and, in addition, carry out their professional activity in Spain.

In addition, they are chosen by a jury made up of 21 Nobel laureates who, among other demands, this edition have called for easier access to coronavirus vaccines for disadvantaged countries.


The award ceremony of the Jaume I Awards ends with the hymn of the Valencian Community


King Felipe VI insists that science is the most important and powerful instrument for the progress of societies. The king insists that for this gear to work, a society connected with science and technology is needed.

Thus, the king has assured that “today, as always, but with more urgency than ever, is time for science” and has valued its “transformative” capacity and its role in improving people’s lives. For this, Felipe VI has pointed out, “two premises are necessary: ​​a determined and far-reaching scientific policy and a society connected to science and technologies.” With all this, and recognizing that “there is still a lot of room for improvement”, that Spain “is moving in this direction”, while pointing out: “it has been a pandemic that has accelerated this progress”.


Ximo Puig has criticized that there is “too much intolerance. Too much fanaticism. Too much viscerality.” In this sense, he has asked to remove denialism not only from science but also from society.

The president explained that “Science has saved us from collapse. It is right that now we return, with works, all that it has given us”, for which he has announced a “Pact for Science”, “which guarantees cooperation private, give stability to public support and avoid “short-termism”.


The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, defends the alliance between “humanism and science.” “Social progress is forged on the basis of science and ethics,” explains the president.

Puig has addressed the 10% of the population that has not yet been vaccinated and has once again emphasized that the vaccine is key to protecting people and companies. The president has bet before an extensive social representation of the Valencian Community the “itinerary of alliances” between “Science and ethics” and “Public system and private sector” and, “at the base of everything, as an essential foundation: democracy and coexistence . ”


In addition, they have called for a “change of course” -which takes into account women and young talent- and “promote dialogue” between society and science in order, among other things, to achieve a “more just and sustainable world” .


The winners consider that there is a “long journey” for science to be in Spain in its rightful place. “We fill the gap with dedication and ingenuity,” he pointed out and, among other requests, they have asked for less weight from the “huge bureaucracy” that have made the investigative task “difficult if not impossible.”


The recipient of the Jaume I Prize in Environmental Protection, Fernando Valladares placeholder image, begins his speech on behalf of the rest of the winners of this edition. “They are prizes for a group.” He has been responsible for speaking on behalf of all the winners and, above all, he has shown his “gratitude, joy and responsibility” for receiving these recognitions, which, he has also recognized, “represents the challenge of keeping the bar as high or higher” in their research and entrepreneurial work.


Vicente Boluda has asked for less bureaucracy, more agility to make it easier for businessmen to be the ones to move the country forward. He has also lashed out at the deniers who, in Boluda’s words, deny well-proven scientific evidence and who go “against progress.” “We are surprised that, today, there are people who refuse to believe proven scientific data,” he added.


The vice president of the Rei Jaume I Awards Foundation, Vicente Boluda has starred in one of the most committed speeches at the award ceremony. Boluda has emphasized that no one has been unscathed from the consequences of the pandemic and has stressed that everyone’s work “has allowed us to get ahead.” In this sense, he has taken advantage of his speech to ask businessmen to contribute to the promotion of science. “If something has been revealed in this crisis, they are the true priorities. The problems of our country are not in trivial matters. Our challenges are focused on advancing with more science”

Vicente Boluda

For Boluda, the Valencian Community has a remarkable role in this future challenge and has highlighted that Spanish science is a pioneer. “We Valencians want to be the protagonists of our future … and the businessmen will be the ones who will take the country forward”


King Felipe VI with Ximo Puig and Joan Ribó MAMontesinos


The mayor of València has been the first authority to speak on the spot, ensuring that these awards, promoted by Santiago Grisolía, are the “expression of maximum vitality and dynamism” and make València and the Valencian Community a “national and international”.

Ribó has highlighted the “great alliance” between institutions and sponsors of the awards, promoted by the Jaume I Foundation, and has called against the brain drain. “We want the talent here,” he pointed out.

Joan Ribó

Joan Ribó highlights the work of the winners for their scientific and entrepreneurial talent. Ribó has insisted that this talent is what drives the great transformations that society needs. “A firm commitment to development is essential to improve the world and make it more sustainable.”


The arrival of King Felipe VI to the Lonja de los Mercaderes begins, with maximum punctuality, the 33rd edition of the awards, which aim to value science and research and their contribution to society, in which they will be recognized Licia Verde (Basic Research); Antonio Cabrales (Economy); Eduard Batlle (Medical Research); Fernando Valladares (Protection of the Environment); Nuria Oliver (New Technologies) and Benito Jiménez (Entrepreneur).


The Jaume I Awards ceremony begins at the Lonja de València with the King, the President of the Generalitat and the rest of the authorities


The public waiting for the arrival of the King outside the Lonja receives him with cheers and with some shouts of Long live the King!


The Rey is already entering the Lonja de València to begin with the Jaime I.


The public awaits the arrival of the authorities


The main representatives of the institutions await the arrival of King Felipe VI. The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, the president of the Corts, Enric Morera, and the mayor of València, Joan Ribó, chat at the gates of La Lonja while tabales and dolçainas sound.

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In the 33rd edition of the awards, which aim to value science and research and their contribution to society, Licia Verde (Basic Research) have been recognized; Antonio Cabrales (Economy); Eduard Batlle (Medical Research); Fernando Valladares (Protection of the Environment); Nuria Oliver (New Technologies) and Benito Jiménez (Entrepreneur).

The six awards are endowed with 100,000 euros – which must be allocated to research and entrepreneurship in Spain – and a gold medal.

Security measures in the Jaume I

For the second year in a row, the security measures established by the health authorities will once again mark the protocol of the ceremony, although this year the winners have recovered the informative activities, so yesterday they were visiting different universities of the Valencian Community, as well as research centers, among other institutions.

These awards are sponsored by Air Liquide Healthcare, Caixabank (Medical Research), Fundación Iberdrola (Environmental Protection), Ajuntament de València (New Technologies) and Mercadona, EDEM, AVE (Entrepreneur).

In addition, the distinctions are supported by entities such as the Valencia Port Authority, Boluda Corporación Marítima, Council of Chambers of the Valencian Community, Fundación Banco Santander, Pavasal, RNB, SPB, Grupo Vectalia and CEV.

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The King begins the delivery of the Jaume I Awards in La Lonja