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In the world, more than 260 million children do not have access to school, due to war situations, child labor, discrimination or poverty. A figure that increases in disadvantaged areas, causing social exclusion and violating human rights. Faced with this situation, we must not only denounce educational inequality but it is essential to create real actions that help improve education in the world.

The Infant School “Itutu” de Valencia, with an active community of teachers together with hundreds of families, develops a social project that defends inclusion and educational equity through an educational model in line with the UN-approved SDG sustainable development goals. One of his first actions was through the motto: “This world is really scary”, making a Bell with the main statistics of educational inequality in the world, setting the school center, with a shocking entrance where two paths were seen.

Educational equity the real antidote to child poverty and social exclusion

On the one hand, a path with a long red carpet, full of opportunities, urbanized, hotels, new school supplies, mountains of books, gift packages and at the end a mirror. Who are the privileged?

In parallel, we found a path with rubble, sticks, factories, pollution, child labor, few books, a worn out school supplies and some recycled toys.

A very visual representation that reminded us that not all roads are the same.

In this way the school would ask a question, and what are you willing to do?

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With the commitment acquired to educate in values, the Cloister prepared informative spaces dedicated to people with great educational influence who, through their actions and words, changed the world.

Among them we highlight the figure of Malala, Afghan activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, in which families, through a QR, can sign a letter to support the return of Afghan girls to school.

Without a doubt, the star action was the beginning of a collaboration with the CEIP “Adamancasis” school on La Palma, affected by the volcano’s eruption. Where through video calls the students maintained contact, accompanying each other emotionally with songs, games, yoga sessions and a lot of spontaneity as only childhood can do.

Likewise, a collection of money was organized that entered the school’s AMPA, through solidarity magnets painted by hand by the students themselves.

Mission Impossible? The school must work together with the families, in the construction of a fairer world and in examples like this it can do it from early childhood.

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Poverty is a violation of children’s rights

The keys to transforming your center by betting on a culture of peace are:

  • Defend and make human rights visible through educational actions.
  • Create spaces for dialogue and reflection, emphasizing democratic values.
  • Promote a social and global commitment through solidarity projects.
  • Make families part of the entire educational and community process.

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The educational project of a Nursery School in Valencia that defends access to Education – Magisnet