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Cantos, book and culture festival, in its first edition will be held from November 18 to 28 at the Allende Garden from Coyoacan, because according to its organizer Luis Angel Sánchez Ramírez, this city hall is the cultural epicenter of Mexico City.

“It is an old book fair and on occasion our target audience is people with a university education, intellectuals, readers, and upper-secondary students.

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Coyoacán has always been a cultural and consumer epicenter thanks to characters such as Octavio Paz, Salvador Novo, Salvador Elizondo, Raúl Anguiano, are icons within the culture in Mexico, without neglecting the most popular artist of the moment who is Frida Kahlo internationally, ”he declared to 24 HOURS, Sanchez Ramirez, while making it clear that the intention is to rotate through various mayors of the Mexican capital.

According to the autumn season, the themes of modernism, the beautiful era, bohemia, fundamental pillars of Mexican culture at the beginning of the 19th century, were chosen. twentieth century, influence that still persists today.

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“For this celebration, an aesthetic based on the Art nouveau, It will be exploited in the graphics of this edition. Likewise, exhibitions and conferences related to the theme will be offered with Saturnino Herrán, Julio Ruelas, (Ernesto) The Chango García Cabral; in the lyrics, The Cursed Writer of the Modernism Mexican, what is it? Bernadro Couto Castillo, the poet Efrén Rebolledo, the contemporaries; some lectures on Dandyism, entitled Dandys and rare that the engineer teaches Oscar Guerra, which is a very interesting subject ”, adds Luis Ángel.


This festival, he maintains, was born from a group of Facebook very interesting, from which several antecedents also arise whose primary objective was to reach the antique book market focused mainly on collectors and bibliophiles.

“This is the first edition that we are going to replicate in other municipalities, with different topics. What we are looking for are these new spaces to add to increase the cultural offer for the old book and collection. Especially because there is a feeling of belonging to this object, in the midst of the technology that has generated the exaltation of individualism, of the self, so the book continues to be bought for a very romantic matter.

“When technologies entered the publishing world, it was said that it was going to end the industry. However, I believe that on the contrary, having it in one’s hands, reading it, has been strengthened, apart from the fact that reading enhances the understanding of reality, since a society that reads has better tools to analyze and criticize it ”, he argues.

Luis Angel Sánchez Ramírez has high hopes for Cantos, a book and culture festival, because in Mexico there is a wide market for this collection, thanks to great writers, they made works here that are already landmarks of universal culture such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, prize Nobel Prize in Literature who wrote in our country One Hundred Years of Solitude, a copy of the first edition that currently has a value of approximately 30 thousand pesos and there have even been auctions to acquire it.

“Without demeriting works such as Pedro Paramo from Juan Rulfo, published by the Fund of Economic Culture which was a blow to literature ”, the first edition of which is offered between 15 and 20 thousand pesos.

The reader is training and hunting those books, satiating that hunger for searching and having that object that few have because of the print run or the rare, consolidating the collection ”, concluded Sánchez Ramírez who thanked the authorities of the Mayor’s Office Coyoacán who gave them all the support for his realization as the mayor Giovani gutierrez, the Director General of Government, Obdulio Avila and Hilda trujillo, Director of Culture of the demarcation.

What you should know

Cantos, a book and culture festival that will take place in the Allende Garden (Malintzin 155, Del Carmen, Coyoacán), from November 18 to 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

In Mexico there is a wide market for this collection thanks to great writers who made works here that are already landmarks of universal culture such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize in Literature who wrote in our country One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Tlalpan and Cuauhtémoc are two of the municipalities in which it is intended to replicate this cultural event that aims to help increase the offer in Mexico City.

The various events will be broadcast through the Facebook page of the Real Academia de los Libros


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The book and its sense of belonging – 24 Hours