The ABC of the political landscape 6 months before the elections

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It’s time to briefly sketch the battle for power strategies the main players have taken to win the 2022 jackpot.

1. Juan Manuel Santos’s strategy: co-opt the political center from all sides.

It is necessary to begin by saying that Santos is executing a broad strategy of bridgeheads and multiple fronts:

It has infiltrated the chaotic center and the radical left, with its multipurpose bishops: Alejandro Gaviria, Fajardo, Cristo, De la Calle, Goebertus, Cárdenas, the “little brothers” Galán, Barreras and Prada, citing only the most relevant. And he has already managed to infiltrate the spectrum of the outright right wing, with Juan Carlos Echeverry.

Now, it is necessary to warn that the great real bet of the undoubtedly daring Santos is to co-opt directly and without any possibility of escape from the Political Center, applying an enveloping tactic on all possible flanks, using his best pawns (named above). .

However, if none of that turns out well, the pseudolondinean Nobel has already outlined a powerful ace up his sleeve: Íngrid Betancourt, who when the time comes will act either as the great component of an apparently broad coalition of “democratic forces of the center.” or, in the most extreme and audacious case, as a final disruptive letter leading a great candidacy for national salvation against the two “despicable extremes that are Uribism and Petrism” …

In this way, what characters like Claudia López, Angélica Lozano, Antanas Mockus, Jorge Enrique Robledo, Ángela Robledo or Antonio Navarro do not suspect is that their much vaunted “center” is now the great strategic lure of Santos’ Machiavellian strategy ( and of that rancid, classist, centralist and rotten capitalist and elitist establishment that he embodies and directs) to recover de facto the total power of the country, and who are unknowingly playing the role of useful idiots at the full service of the pseudolondineian tartufo.

Santos, addicted to power (like Uribe) scanned for miles (like a good hyena) the blood gushing out of that mellifluous center full of inconsistencies, overflowing ambitions and huge egos, and he realized that this was the perfect platform to achieve its ends. His master card is for now the arrogant and hypocritical Alejandro Gaviria, and if he fails (and will fail!), His lethal ace will be Ingrid Betancourt. The rest will be homeland history very soon …

In conclusion, the Center is now an irredeemable hostage to Santos’ strategy, and the only ones who have not been able and will not be able to realize it are those who once dreamed of materializing an alternative option of power, politics and society for this country…

In short, Santos’ strategic purpose is to surreptitiously co-opt the ideological center and the radical left (as far as possible), and enlist in each of its different aspects to achieve “yes or yes” to regain power and the great loot of the State in 2022.

When it comes to Petrism, Santos wants the reptile Barreras to win the vice-presidency or, in the worst case, keep at least one-tenth of the state’s prized spoils in the event of a highly probable Petro triumph.

What they do not know is that Petro and his top bishops (Bolívar, Cepeda, Alexander López) are applying the strategy of “receiving and promising part of the cake to everyone who adds votes”, even if they have to cover their noses as in the cases de Barreras and that pastor Saade; However, once they achieve power, it is an inexorable fact that they will first exclude, and later wipe off the map, this class of peddlers and peddlers of politicking.

Totalitarian and neo-communist minds do not tolerate sharing power with anyone other than their “holy herd” once they come to power. First they purge and annihilate in gulags or ostracize those outside their dogma, and then purge and exterminate among themselves, not without first plunging their peoples into hatred, misery and begging … Just as they did. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Chavez, etc …

2. The strategy of Uribismo and the Colombian right: build a viable candidate, that is, credibly clean of Uribismo.

On the other hand, the strategy of Uribismo and the right is a little less overlapping (there are not many options and the margin of action that they have left) but they can be moderately effective, depending on the errors that the Center may make ( be understood by “Party in the shadow of Santos) or the radical left in the months to come.

This strategy consists, fundamentally, of building a viable, credible, marketable and plausible candidate who can defeat the Center in the first round and, in the second round, defeat Petro, again stoking the visceral (and widely justified) fear that the communism and that fateful mirror that are Venezuela and Nicaragua.

However, the other essential fact is that already the masterminds of the Colombian hard right (Uribe and his entourage, Pastrana and his combo, a visible and decent part of the great national business community and that other shadow power constituted by dark businessmen, ranchers , regional mafias and landowners) have already accepted – albeit with great difficulty – that in order to find and build a candidate of these characteristics, that is, VIABLE, it is essential to strip him, at least for the first round, of all Uribe tinge.

To this end, they have assumed a clear strategy of “multilateral whitening”, which consists of developing two simultaneous fronts of action: on the one hand, the discredited and unremarkable “consultation” of the Democratic Center, from which a seemingly anointed candidate will emerge. by Uribe, which is nothing more than a simple lure to fool dummies.

Simultaneously, the true consultation of the entire spectrum of the Right will be carried out, one that will serve not only to find the viable candidate mentioned above, but also fundamentally to “wash the face of Uribismo for said candidate.”

The mechanism is clearly evident: they will do everything possible to set up a large, broad-spectrum consultation based on a formidable machinery of money, bureaucracy, patronage and tied vote, in which there will surely be characters such as Enrique Peñalosa, Alejandro Char, Dilian Francisca Toro, David Barguil, Juan Carlos Echeverry (the Santos infiltrator) and the former mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez.

Here we must not be deceived: Fico is the one anointed in advance, the one chosen from now on by the great powers that be of the Colombian right, including Uribe. Thus, Fico Gutiérrez will win by trotting this wide and powerful consultation, blanched and freed (at least that is what they want to believe) from Uribe’s ballast and will prepare to defeat in the first round (by then already with the entire horde Uribista at his side but in a much more “concealed” way) to the candidate emerged from the center (call himself “The great Trojan Horse of Juan Manuel Santos) to then face Petro in the second round of June of the following year.

The strategy is brilliant and daring, but undeniable in the eyes of the Colombian people who are increasingly experts in revealing traps and deceptions, except those concocted by Petrism …

As for César and Simón Gaviria, faithful to their always very effective spurious method, they will divide forces between the Santos coalition and that of the Right …

César Gaviria made a lethal mistake: he believed that Alejandro Gaviria was his colt, and he failed to realize that this was always Juan Manuel Santos’s Trojan horse … César Gaviria’s anger is because he realized too late that that was used by Santos in the coldest and most accurate way …

3. Petro’s strategy: neo-communist real politik: speak to the ears of the indignant, receive everything that adds votes and “sift” once power is achieved.

Petro’s strategy is simple, pragmatic and implacable, since he rides on the unconscious drives of millions of Colombians (anger, frustration, hopelessness, resentment, thirst for revenge, desperation to find an avenging messiah and emotional and intellectual narrowness), on the almost psychopathic shamelessness of an “establishment” that lost all notion of discretion and decency and about the permanent mistakes made by opponents who have plenty of guts but lack neurons (except for Santos, of course).

Its strategy is, therefore, meridian and very effective, based on a powerful story that reaches directly to the limbic system of thirteen million dispossessed, a real neo-communist politik capable of receiving all those capable of adding votes and an effective use of errors. and shortcomings of each of his potential opponents in the second round. Point.

4. The strategy of the “others”: nonexistent.

Finally, it can be stated with absolute certainty that the “others” just don’t count. The center because he died (although they do not know it or do not want to accept it since it is very difficult to recognize a suicide) and reincarnated as a hostage transmuted into the de facto party of Juan Manuel Santos.

And the others either do not exist, or are simple pawns and therefore irrelevant.

There are less than six months left and, although many think that everything is yet to be done, in reality the cards have already been irreversibly played and sinisterly marked.

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The ABC of the political landscape 6 months before the elections