Taylor Swift: What does Pablo Neruda have to do with the relaunch of the singer

The American singer reinvents herself and is back. Last friday, Taylor Swift presented the relaunch of one of his most popular albums, we were referring to “Net”. In the middle of the presentation, he drove all his followers crazy because he also released a 14-minute short film of the 2011 song, ‘All too well‘, generating all kinds of reactions.

Actress Sadie Sink (Stranger Things) and actor Dylan O’Brien (Maze Runner) are the stars of this audiovisual production, where in addition to varying the song, you can understand the meaning behind the lyrics of the song. However, there is something else that has attracted attention and it is the relationship between the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda with the relaunch of the singer.


During the exciting premiere of the short film ‘All too Well’, a hit by in 2011 shortly after her break with the actor Jake gyllenhaal, It was striking that the artist used a famous quote from the Chilean poet , “Love is so short and oblivion is so long,” says the phrase that was extracted from Poem 20 written by the 1971 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Everything would indicate that Taylor Swift would have used the Chilean poet’s phrase for the video, where she would give clues about her break with Jake Gyllenhaal through phrases such as “And I was never good at telling jokes / But the joke says: ‘I’ll get older, but your lovers are still my age. ” At that time, the pop star was 20 years old, while the protagonist of “Secret on the Mountain”, 29.

The audiovisual material focused on showing new elements and added new verses compared to its launch almost a decade ago. Taylor Swift’s video, “All Too Well: The Short Film”, has to date more than 31 million views since its premiere on November 12 and is part of “Red”, an album that he rerecorded after a long battle with manager Scooter Braun, who got the rights to his first 6 albums.


The artist released one of her first albums as a result of a legal battle with producer Scooter Braun. Taylor revealed that he had been trying to buy the masters of his six albums for years; however, the manager offered adverse and unfavorable conditions. Although he tried to make amends with him, he eventually called him “the great devil of the music industry.”

In addition, he called Braun a “relentless and manipulative bully” in wanting to get hold of his own songs. When he saw that he could not edit the titles, he decided to make a “master move” and began to re-record the banned albums for his control. According to critics, the title sounds much better and without a doubt, Taylor has been able to reinvent himself by recording his own albums again.


The reactions have not been long in coming, as Rob sheffield, of the Rolling Stone magazine, the critic compared the new production as if the Beatles could have “fixed” Let it be a decade later. “The new Red is even bigger, brighter, deeper, coincidentally more cruel. Looking at it by the artist herself with ten years older, gives you the possibility to improve it, to find another thickness ”, he said.

For its part, Hannah mylrea from the english publication NME He stressed that the instrumentation of the new “Red” sounds much more focused, concrete and polished, this is only possible through current technical methods. While, USA Today and Consequence of sound agree that the 31-year-old artist can shine much more when redoing several of her compositions.

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Taylor Swift: What does Pablo Neruda have to do with the relaunch of the singer