Santos calls for maximum pressure on the OAS against Nicaragua

The former president and Nobel Peace Prize Juan Manuel Santos asked in the last hours to evaluate Nicaragua in the Organization of American States (OAS). The request was made together with the former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso placeholder image, from Brazil; Laura chinchilla, from Costa Rica, and Ricardo Lagos, From Chile.

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“This November 7 has been registered in Nicaragua an electoral day marked by the violation of citizens’ rights to freely and democratically elect their authorities. What happened is serious both for the future of the Nicaraguan people and for the rest of Latin America, because there the itinerary by which a democracy becomes autocracy was rigorously applied, ”says a letter signed by the four former presidents.

Ortega He was re-elected with 74.99% of the votes in the general elections this Sunday, marked by the absence of opposition candidates, most of them imprisoned.

The former Sandinista guerrilla, who turns 76 on Thursday and has been in power since 2007, was seeking his fifth five-year and fourth consecutive presidential term, amid questions about his legitimacy for the arrest of seven opposition presidential candidates who were emerging as his main contenders and for the elimination of three political parties.

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What happened is serious both for the future of the Nicaraguan people and for the rest of Latin America

“These elections took place in a context of strong repression, with all democratic opposition spaces closed, lacking the basic guarantees of electoral integrity and without the presence of reliable international observers. The result was as expected: the illegitimate reelection of Daniel Ortega for a fourth term and his intention to perpetuate himself indefinitely in power, “say the ex-presidents.

“The conditions under which the polls were called determine the illegitimacy of these elections,” affirm the former presidents.

The ex-presidents They demand in their pronouncement the ignorance of the results of the elections by all the governments of the continent, that the crisis in Nicaragua be treated as a priority in the next General Assembly of the OAS, organized by Guatemala, between November 10 and 12.

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Former guerrilla Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo.


Maynor Valenzuela / AFP

Also “deepen the international isolation of the regime”, which may include the suspension of Nicaragua from the OAS and interrupt all the programs or negotiations of the international financial institutions with Nicaragua, “as long as the minimum conditions of validity of the democratic institutionality do not return. ”They say.

“Four decades ago, the Nicaraguan people embarked on a path of rescuing democracy after long years under an extreme oppressive dictatorship. Today those dreams are stifled by a president who, installed in power, took the same path and prevents his people from freely choosing the future of their future. Faced with this, the peoples and governments of Latin America cannot be indifferent ”, ask Chinchilla, Lagos, Cardoso and Santos in their statement.

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Santos calls for maximum pressure on the OAS against Nicaragua

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