Santos and Londoño meet in Paris to discuss the peace agreement

Rodrigo Londoño and Juan Manuel Santos They intervene before a panel of diplomats, ambassadors, and academics to comment on the status of implementation of what they signed 5 years ago in Havana, Cuba.

(In context: Santos and Londoño, meeting in Paris to talk about peace)

The Nobel Peace Prize winner and whoever made himself known as Timochenko participate in Paris in the World Forum for Peace, to take stock of its implementation, challenges and challenges.

In a balance provided by former President Juan Manuel Santos, he assured that the most serious problem currently facing the peace agreement is the security of former combatants.

In addition, he indicated that the reason for this problem is the lack of comprehensive implementation of the signed text.

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Meeting between Rodrigo Londoño, Juan Manuel Santos, Sergio Jaramillo and some personalities in Paris.


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In context

The meeting will take stock of the fifth anniversary of the peace agreement and relations with the government of President Iván Duque.

International support for peace in Colombia will also be discussed. In particular, the gender and ethnic chapters will be touched upon. The situation of the Comunes party and the political participation contemplated in the agreement will be discussed.

In addition, it will have the participation of the Senator of the Commune partys, Sandra Ramírez, and the former High Commissioner for Peace of the government of Juan Manuel Santos, Sergio Jaramillo. In this space, the Parliament will address the issue of comprehensive rural reform, as well as the balance sheet of the agreement five years after it was signed.

According to Londoño, in the forum “the unwavering commitment of the ex-combatants of the disappeared Farc-EP to peace will be ratified and the support of the international community in the comprehensive implementation of the agreement will be appreciated.”

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A few days ago, in an interview with EL TIEMPO, to the question of how has the life of the people been in the process of reincorporation in these five years ?, Londoño replied:

“We are more than 13,000 signatories of the agreement. The circumstances in which we have lived are not the best. There is a socioeconomic situation that for the vast majority is extremely difficult. But the most complex situation is that of the murders of the signatories, that phenomenon difficult, which is also accompanied by what happens with social leaders. “

“There is this situation that has been generated due to the non-implementation of the agreement. If it had been implemented from the beginning, from the Santos government, everything that was raised in the agreement, in its spirit and in its letter, we would have managed to attack the causes or conditions that have now been generated for the signatories and social leaders to be assassinated.Those mafias that exist in the regions, those interests, most of them illegal, try to stop the peace process by assassinating signatories and leaders. Responsibility does fall on the Colombian State because the State must guarantee the life, not only of us, but of all Colombians, “added Londoño Echeverri.

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Santos and Londoño meet in Paris to discuss the peace agreement

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