‘Rey’ David Picasso: “I want to win a Nobel Prize and the world championship”

With a talent that begins to attract attention despite his young age, Alan David Picasso breaks with the paradigms and has become one of the most important prospects in Mexican boxing, while maintaining his university studies at full capacity.

With huge aspirations, King David is preparing to take the leap of quality and begin to be taken into account by the organisms and seek to become a world champion, but without stopping attending the university, where he is one of the outstanding students in the neuroscience career in the UNAM.

Now he will look for a new triumph to close in the best way this 2021 and thus maintain his undefeated step as a professional.

How do you combine the life of a student with that of a professional boxer?

– I started at age seven, and made my professional debut at age 16. There I was in high school and I knew that I was not going to leave school and that I was going to continue fighting for my dreams, which is to be a scientist and win a Nobel Prize, in the field of medicine or physics and in boxing to be a champion. world.

What he studies King David?

– At the moment I am studying neuroscience at the UNAM Faculty of Medicine. Previously I was in physics, although now I paused those studies and resumed my career in neuroscience. I have wanted to enter this career for a long time, since per generation they accept only 30 students and it was until the third time that I proved that I could stay.

What would it mean to be an important scientist and to be a world champion?

– It would be a great photo, with the belt on one side and the Nobel Prize on the other. And I have also dreamed of being an astronaut, and why not, taking those two things with me when I travel to space.

You had a rapprochement with NASA, what happened on that occasion?

– They launch the call to make a stay and learn. The filters and tests were done, I passed the phases and when the opportunity arose, we could not cover the costs that they implied. Also, I had to drop out of school and boxing, something that I didn’t want to, so I’m fine but I can’t take the idea of ​​trying again.

How is the treatment of your closest circle knowing that you start with a career in boxing?

– Without my family and without their support, I would not be where I am now. My friends are very supportive. There have been some teachers who have recognized me on television and have asked me for the photograph, but until the end of the semesters.

What can you tell us about your rival Luis David Millán, with whom you will expose your Intercontinental WBC super featherweight title?

– The Venezuelan arrives after the injury of my first rival, who was Carlos Zambrano, so it is a good fight to take place in Mexico City. I hope a good exchange and above all add a little more experience in the ring. Also, we are looking at the future option of facing Uzbek Murodjon Akhmadaliev for the WBA and IBF world belts of the super featherweight division.

What does it mean to be the Intercontinental Super Featherweight Champion of the WBC?

– From the beginning, when you win they give you a medal, then a trophy and you want to go for a bigger one, go for more prizes. It was always a dream and progress to be the Intercontinental Youth Super Featherweight and Featherweight Champion, but now I want the absolute championship and I’m not going to give up to get it.

How do you prepare for a fight while you are in your studies?

– In the last fights, we have done the preparation at the Otomí Ceremonial Center, with Erik Morales and Jaime Munguía. You get up at 4:30 in the morning, come back from classes at 2 in the afternoon, train from 2 to 4, eat something and continue until 6, to go up to do homework and rest. It is a hard day, but it is already bearing fruit.

How do you feel that the WBC has you ranked 20th in the entire division?

– If it were up to me, I would already seek to be given the opportunity to climb more steps and go for the title, I want to be world champion before I am 22 years old. Following in the footsteps of Terrible Morales and Jaime Munguía, and be monarch at 21 years old.

What do you intend to contribute King David Picasso to Mexico?

– As an athlete and future scientist, I want to provide the country with support and opportunities, because we have a lot of talent, but sometimes we lack that opportunity.

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‘Rey’ David Picasso: “I want to win a Nobel Prize and the world championship”