Patricia Armendariz suggested AMLO for the Nobel Peace Prize

The businesswoman and deputy of Morena celebrated the speech that AMLO gave to the UN (Photo: Instagram by Patricia Armendáriz)

Patricia Armendáriz, deputy of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), proposed to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, after delivering a speech before the Security Council of the United Nations Organization ( UN) at its headquarters in New York, United States.

During his visit, AMLO stated that the main obstacle to the exercise of the right to security is corruption, opulence and frivolity as ways of life of the elites. “It is corruption that courts punish those who do not have a way to prove their innocence,” said the president.

“It would be hypocritical to ignore that the main problem on the planet is corruption in all its dimensionsIt would be foolish to ignore that corruption is the main cause of poverty, frustration, violence, migration and serious social conflicts ”, he deepened.

In addition, he addressed the issue of wealth accumulation and exposed the unequal distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, including with the creation of the UN’s Covax mechanism. Also, toHe criticized the UN for not helping the poor, proposed a “World Plan for Fraternity and Welfare” and addressed a message to Mexican migrants.

This intervention was applauded by the members of Morena and the Fourth Transformation (4T), such as Armendáriz, who from his Twitter account used the hashtags #amlonobeldelapaz and #AmloLiderMundial to celebrate his participation in the UN and propose him to this important award.

Paty Armendariz shared videos of the reception that AMLO had in New York (Photo: Twitter)
Paty Armendariz shared videos of the reception that AMLO had in New York (Photo: Twitter)

These messages of support were accompanied by the multiple videos that recorded the arrival of López Obrador to the UN, where Hundreds of Mexicans received him as a hero, amid applause, shouts and cheers.

What’s more, called the president’s speech as “devastatingly moral, purposeful and profound” for his proposal of the right to a life free from fear and misery, it remains the most solid foundation.

The courageous president told harsh truths to the members of the UN security council“The businesswoman also rescued from her official Twitter account.

Finally, he rebuked the former Mexican ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhán and assured that AMLO did not make any “ridicule” in front of the international authorities, which also applauded the president for the call to debate on inequality.

Mexico became a member of the UN Security Council again after 10 years (Photo: AP / Richard Drew)
Mexico became a member of the UN Security Council again after 10 years (Photo: AP / Richard Drew)

López Obrador’s participation in New York was thanks to the fact that, after 10 years and for the fifth time, Mexico it was again non-permanent member at Security Council from the ONU, Juan Ramon de la Fuente, permanent representative of Mexico to the organization, assumed the presidency of said Council on behalf of the Mexican Republic.

Was the November 1st when de la Fuente assumed this position, which changes every month among the member countries in alphabetical order and it should be noted that Mexico has been a member of the United Nations Security Council since January 2021.

According to the UN, “the Security Council has the primary responsibility to maintain the peace and the international security. ” Its functions include the investigation of all controversy or conditions of arrangement, as well as the recommendation of adjustment or arrangement methods, determine if there is any threat to the peace or take action military against an aggressor.

In this context, the Council is made up of 15 members of which five are permanent while 10 are non-permanent. The permanent They are: the United States, China, Russia, France and the United Kingdom. In this case, they have veto powerIn other words, they can vote on any decision and this will be respected even if the rest of the members have voted otherwise.


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Patricia Armendariz suggested AMLO for the Nobel Peace Prize

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