Patricia Armendariz, from “tiburona” to lambiscona; he does not miss an opportunity to praise AMLO. In Central America a lambiscón is a “lick”

Armando Ortiz / Patricia Armendariz, the ex-host of “Shark Tank México” wanted to give López Obrador the Nobel Peace Prize for his Fraternity and Solidarity Plan presented at the UN. “How sad that the enthusiastic reception of so many organizations of the López Obrador Fraternity Plan contrasts with the withdrawal and criticism of some Mexicans. The plan is far-reaching and has great viability. #amlonobeldelapaz, ”he wrote on Twitter. Well, on Sunday that the president uploaded his trip by car with his wife to his social networks, while they were listening to a song by Silvio Rodríguez, Patricia Armendáriz, López Obrador’s official lambiscona, also launched a tweet: “That’s our president. The most identified with who we are. Yours sincerely, the lambiscona for the least the one committed to Mexico for others ”. Without shame, without shame, Patricia Armendariz describes herself as a lambiscona. What does Patricia Armendariz lick? According to an online dictionary, a lick in Central America is a “lick.” This is how Patricia Armendáriz is qualified.

In order not to miss her father, Evelyn Salgado, governor of Guerrero, appoints a sexual harasser as Undersecretary of Works

You see the love that father and daughter have in the Guerrero government; So much love that, as Félix Salgado Macedonio could not be governor, he gave up the position to his daughter Evelyn Salgado. However, it is extremely frowned upon that Félix Salgado, “El Toro”, is close to his daughter. That is why Evelyn Salgado misses her father. Well, in order not to surprise Salgado Macedonio, accused of harassing and rapist, the governor of Guerrero appointed Arquelao de Jesús Piza as Undersecretary of Works in her government. This subject, according to journalistic information, was dismissed from his post in the Acapulco city hall accused of sexual harassment. Raquel Alonso Trani was the complainant, who also accused him of unjustified dismissal and abuse of authority. By the way, the one who was mayor of Acapulco at that time was Félix Salgado Macedonio, who was forced to resign his friend because both the municipal Comptroller’s Office and the State Human Rights Commission issued a resolution against Arquelao de Jesús Piza, who was denounced by a city council worker for sexual harassment, wrongful termination and abuse of authority. This is how things were in the government of the Fourth Transformation.

Even if she woke up, Carmen Salinas will never be the same again; doctors say that you will not be able to have work activity in the short term

Although it sounds like bad news, the statement issued by the doctors who treat Carmen Salinas suggests that the actress could regain consciousness and resume her long-term work activity. That is what is read in the last statement they issued: “We inform that by instructions of the doctors, Mrs. Carmen Salinas, in the event that she regains consciousness, would have to undergo a rehabilitation that would not allow her to have a short-term work activity.” Are there serious chances that Carmen Salinas could wake up after the stroke she suffered? Is it seriously possible that, even if it is a long term, the actress can resume her work activities? Carmen Salinas had a lot of work, and that had her very exhausted and stressed. I was in a Televisa novel, “My fortune is loving you,” and I was working on a series, “Ana.” It is difficult to believe that Carmelita Salinas will wake up, even more difficult to believe that she can resume her work as an actress. Earlier it had been reported that the damage caused by the stroke was going to be very serious.

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Patricia Armendariz, from “tiburona” to lambiscona; he does not miss an opportunity to praise AMLO. In Central America a lambiscón is a “lick”