Nobel Prize will not have gender or ethnic quotas, despite international accusations

After the winners of the Nobel prizes corresponding to the current year, the critics by the international community they did not wait. One of the most frequent controversies around the theme is the one denounced by the women, who have emphasized that total of awards that have been awarded since 1901, only 59 awards have been destined to women, which represents only the 6.2%.

Before the troublesome, the scientist and director of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences ruled on the matter and, although he accepted that there are few women recognized with the award, discarded the establishment of gender or ethnic quotas in the selection of the laureates for the Nobel Prize. Göran Hansson, who serves as general secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, only assured that the prizes for women will be awarded to the “most worthy“of owning it.

María Ressa was the only woman to win the Nobel Prize this year. Photo: Twitter @NobelPrize

A problem that is a reflection of society

Maria Ressa, an investigative journalist originally from Philippines, was the only woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in 2021. Her work and that of Dmitry Muratov was recognized with the award Peace Nobel. The situation of only one woman being considered the winner unleashed a wave of protests by the feminist community, but Hansson he did not doubt his position for a second. He even defended her during a interview with the Agence France-Presse (AFP).

In conversation with AFP, the Swede said that such a low number of women winners of the award is sad Nobel, a situation that reflects the unfair conditions of society; however, it was decided not to establish quotas for gender nor for ethnicity. According to him, the goal is for people to recognized are accepted because they made an important discovery, not just because of inherent conditions; since that was the last Will from Alfred Nobel.

Göran Hansson is responsible for communicating with the winners. Photo: Twitter @fedkukso

“Now more women are recognized”

Hansson emphasized that academy would ensure that all women have a fair chance to be evaluated for the award, as long as their work is outstanding. Meanwhile, he stated that efforts will continue to be made to encourage nominations for women scientists, although the Nobel prizes will continue to be awarded to those who have made the most important.

Even though only one woman was awarded This year, the Swede said that the work of women is now more recognized. However, according to the doctor, it should be taken into account that only the 10% of natural science teachers in Western Europe and North America are women, a situation that is also reflected in the prizes awarded since 1901; so the academy will make sure you have one serving at a time higher of female scientists.

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Nobel Prize will not have gender or ethnic quotas, despite international accusations

Hank Gilbert