Nobel Prize in Journalism, when peace decided to give up its space

Like all those who are passionate about the subject, I also had my pool for the Nobel Peace Prize. My favorite was Alexei Navalny, although I bet by Reporters Without Borders. The latter lacked an iota for the exaltation of the Nobel Committee.

It is no coincidence that the trend considered by experts is related to Information as a Fundamental Human Right. Let’s start by analyzing that news sources –with regard to Law– are directly related to legislative progressiveness; The reports end up in Parliaments or Courts because they clearly denounce crimes and generate an opinion matrix or direct investigations that mark the future of the laws.

At the time in which the reporters began to see each other more and in greater numbers near the point of conflict, we can hardly continue to consider them an external party, in fact, instead of moving away from the danger they approach. Contrary to reality, they are limited to considering them a “protected person”, that is, they are equated with the civilian population or organizations present and not participating in the conflict.

The 1949 Geneva Protocol certainly makes attacks on the “protected population” a war crime., What it has not considered is that journalists are not seeking their own safety, they are not physically involved in conflicts, but they are threats even to their allies. Hence, in modern times the denomination has begun to be used “Pincorporated eriodist ”.

Based on the old saying that “history is written by the winner”, journalists are often annoying, they have sensitive material and testimonies with them that increasingly makes them a tactical target. A large part of the kidnappings or homicides of “incorporated journalists” is due to the possession of compromising images. Eliminating a “protected person” can be collateral damage, but the exhibition of what the journalist captures generally exposes the author to high-level war crimes. Being in a war it is easy to eliminate the weakest so that the news does not reach the International Criminal Court.

I have always supported the creation of a very special section for the “War Correspondent”, until now they are only recognized as Article 4 of the Geneva Convention: “protected person”But this implies a series of unacceptable risks in International Humanitarian Law. I intend to bring to the consciences of my dear readers that the journalist must be granted high-level protections such as neutral official uniforms, broad and specific legislation and protection of news material beyond the existing one that is limited to the generic protection of privacy.

Regarding the rules in warfare, although it is not an absolute guarantee, they are usually respected. Examples of the most basic can be when an organization or when the Blue Helmets themselves take office, implies a ceasefire and respect for neutrality. Another case may be when a white flag appears, the truce is respected, even if there is no neutrality. Note that International Humanitarian Law is usually respected by all forces except some sectors such as terrorist or irregular groups. For this reason, it is my responsibility to support the role of journalists and their recognition as “war correspondents” to give them greater protection.

I accompany the journalists in their jubilation, I pay them this small but energetic tribute and my greatest affections, especially to Reporters without Borders and the Honorable Nobel Peace Prize 2021, María Ressa and Dmitry Muratov, remembering the words of Senator Hiram Johnson “… the the first victim in a war is the truth… ”Honor to the Press. Honor to the commitment to information and its important role, respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

Independent journalism needs the support of its readers to continue and ensure that the uncomfortable news that they do not want you to read remains at your fingertips. Today, with your support, we will continue to work hard for censorship-free journalism!

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Nobel Prize in Journalism, when peace decided to give up its space

Hank Gilbert