Navarrese businessman Benito Jiménez receives the Rei Jaume I award from Felipe VI

The general director of Congelados de Navarra, Benito Jiménez Cambra, received this Friday the Rei Jaume I award delivered by Felipe VI in a ceremony held at the Lonja de los Mercaderes in the city of Valencia.

Specifically, Jiménez, who is an Agronomist by training, has been awarded in the Entrepreneur award category. He is the founder of Frozen of Navarra, a leading company in Europe in the manufacture of frozen vegetables.

Philip VI He has first addressed his words to the protagonists of the awards thanking them for their passion, for their work and for their humility. The King stressed that to face current challenges “it will only be possible if from public institutions we continue helping advance science and innovation: “Giving them resources, providing legal certainty to R & D & I activities, providing employment, stability and ease to our researchers and innovators throughout their trajectory and favoring the connection of the innovative ecosystem with society, its main applicant and beneficiary “

Within the framework of the award, they have been three intense days in which the CEO of Congelados de Navarra He has participated in a meeting with the media, an open discussion with the rest of the winners and has had the opportunity to address the young people of the Valencian business school, EDEM, telling his project, defending the values ​​of the entrepreneur and encouraging entrepreneurship, as a lever to boost the economy.

Before the media, Jiménez took the opportunity to draw attention to the need for a pedagogy so that young people understand what a company is and what it transfers to society. “To the children and young people They are not told much about it in the Spanish educational system. In addition, the example is important and not many are put. They are not told anything about what entrepreneurship is. “

“It is important that there examples of entrepreneurship in society for young people and thus create an entrepreneurial environment ”, he stressed. The Jaume I Awards celebrate their 33rd edition this year. The jury is made up of personalities from the world of science and the business world from around the world. This year among its members there are 21 Nobel Laureates. With this award the chosen ones receive the recognition of the society for the excellence of their work. An award that fills with pride and honor to this Navarrese company and that “it gives us strength to continue working on what we believe in and continue dreaming, because what is not dreamed of, cannot be achieved”, he stressed. Benito Jimenez


  • Rei Jaume I Prize for Basic Research a Green Lycia. Professor ICREA, Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies. Theoretical astrophysics and its research addresses complex questions such as the origin, composition, structure and evolution of the universe.
  • Rei Jaume I Award in Economics to Antonio Cabrales. Doctor in Economics from the University of California. He was Professor at the University College London and at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.
  • Rei Jaume I Award in Medical Research to Eduard batlle. Doctor in Molecular Biology from the University of Barcelona, ​​professor at ICREA, Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies and director of the Cancer Science Program.
  • Rei Jaume I Award in Environmental Protection to Fernando Valladares. Doctor in Biological Science and Research Professor at the CSIC, Higher Council for Scientific Research, where he directs the group on Ecology and Global Change at the National Museum of Natural Sciences.
  • Rei Jaume I Award in New Technologies for Nuria Oliver. PhD in Artificial Intelligence from MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-founder and vice president of ELLIS, the European Laboratory for Intelligent Learning and Systems.
  • Rei Jaume I Award for Entrepreneur to Benito Jiménez. Agricultural engineer by training and founder of Congelados de Navarra, a leading European company in the manufacture of frozen vegetables.

its Majesty the king was accompanied by the president of the Generalitat Valencia, Ximo Puig; to the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó; the persistent executive of the “Rei Jaume I” Awards, Javier Quesada and the president of the Valencian Foundation for Advanced Studies and vice president of the “Rei Jaume I” Awards Foundation, Vicente Boluda, among other authorities.

The winners with a “Rei Jaume I “ are invited to join the High Advisory Council on R + D + i of the Presidency of the Generalitat. This council functions as an advisor for the development of R + D + i policies in the Generalitat Valenciana and collaborates in different dissemination activities and scientific publications.

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Navarrese businessman Benito Jiménez receives the Rei Jaume I award from Felipe VI