National Research Award in Oncological Surgery for IMSS doctor

Dr. Rafael Medrano Guzmán, director of the Oncology Hospital of the National Medical Center (CMN) Siglo XXI of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), obtained the National Award for Research in Oncological Surgery, recognition granted by the Mexican Society of Oncological Studies.

The IMSS doctor explained that the Basic Research areas and the Sarcomas and Digestive Tube Department of this High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) carried out a joint research work to explain the genesis of pancreatic cancer, “and have in the future areas of opportunity, treatment, drugs and knowing the Mexican population perfectly in this matter ”.

In addition, on October 27, on the occasion of the institutional ceremony of the Day of Doctors and Doctors, he received the Award for Medical Merit in the category “Health Education”, in previous years he was awarded this recognition for “Attention in hospitals Third Level ”, as well as the“ Dr. Jesús Kumate Rodríguez ”.

Dr. Medrano Guzmán has an outstanding career in the IMSS and in naval hospitals of the Secretariat of the Navy, from the latter he retired after 30 years of service and was promoted to the rank of captain of the Naval Medical Health Service. Surgeon. In the IMSS his first field opportunity was in the Sierra de Hidalgo, his training continued as a general surgeon in Veracruz and the subspecialty in the CMN Siglo XXI.

He recalled that in 2015 he was awarded the “Doctor Francisco Montes de Oca” National Surgery Award, the most relevant recognition for surgeons in the country; He has received seven national awards in oncology research, an honorable mention by the Senate, as well as two honorable mentions granted by the Secretariat of the Armed Navy of Mexico, he also belongs to the National System of Investigators.

“We can have a lot of Nobel Laureates here, there is a lot of talent, but if we don’t ground it to the patients, it wouldn’t make sense. The objective and motto of the hospital is ‘Nobody surrenders here’, this should be expanded to our beneficiaries, doctors, residents, administrators and all operational areas, since together is how it can be achieved “, he highlighted.

Dr. Rafael Medrano highlighted that this UMAE covers patients with oncological diseases in the Metropolitan Area, Morelos, Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz, “in general we receive from all over the country, because this is a hospital so specialized that there are cases that require expertise of a specific multidisciplinary team, which is extremely relevant ”.

He affirmed that it has the most powerful radiotherapy center in the entire country, with six linear accelerators, two brachytherapy equipment, the only Cyber ​​Robot system in the entire health sector, with which highly specialized treatments are given for complicated tumors.

On average, he said, 600 radiation therapy sessions, 200 chemotherapy treatments and 40 to 50 high-impact surgical procedures are performed daily.

He noted that the previous year, despite the pandemic, the Oncology Hospital maintained a 90 percent productivity in its services, in addition to treating COVID-19 cases. This 2021, 100 percent of patient care has been recovered, and had an increase of 15 percent as part of the national program for the recovery of services.

“In 2019 we were the penultimate place in productivity within the UMAE, once our administration started on August 26, 2020, we have managed to place ourselves within the first three places in productivity at the national level,” he said.

It is currently the number one hospital in the country and in Latin America due to the number of patients and treatments carried out, “we are also the hospital that trains the most personnel in radio-oncology, medical oncology and surgery, as well as the specialty in quality to medical care, specializing in palliative care and occupational medicine, we already have more than 2,500 graduates throughout the country, “he stressed.

He stressed that the success of this hospital lies in each and every worker of any operational level who together make it possible to achieve the best care for our patients with cancer conditions, for which I extend my respect and appreciation to each one of them.

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National Research Award in Oncological Surgery for IMSS doctor

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