Mrs. Díaz and the honorable Nobel Prize

Other Gaffe by Minister Yolanda Díaz referring to the statements made by the Peruvian-Spanish Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa at the Popular Party convention, as the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010, said: “The important thing about an election is not that there is freedom in those elections, but to vote well.” He also said that “in the next elections I will vote for the Popular Party.”

Faced with these “inconceivable” statements by Vargas Llosa, Mrs. Díaz, the one with the 3 false master’s degrees for months in her Curriculum vitae and 40 years younger than one of the greatest authors of our time to whom the socialist Felipe González immediately granted Spanish nationality in 1993, after a political problem in his native country, Peru, has said: “Some people with a lot of renown they have not understood in the 21st century that the vote of a worker is worth the same as that of a ‘lord’ who is a Nobel Prize winner. They have doubts about the right to vote and all the votes are good, whatever they vote. ”Given this answer, with all due respect I would like to make some considerations:

1. It is a disrespect address Mario Vargas Llosa, as a “gentleman who is a Nobel Prize winner” and from here he sent Mr. Vargas Llosa my personal apology.

2. It is also a lack of education to address a person much older and much more relevant than Mrs. Yolanda Díaz, and that should have been taught by her parents since obviously the political party where she is a member will never teach her for being addicted to kicking, among other institutions, the Royal Spanish Academy.

3. Me, when someone much older than me, and much less if he is a relevant and outstanding personality (the Nobel Prize I can assure you that he is, Mrs. Diaz, even though you trashy communists do not value it) He has expressed an opinion diametrically opposed to mine, out of prudence and experience above all, and out of respect and politeness also, it has never occurred to me to answer him in such a rude way as that of Mrs. Díaz.

4. Mr. Vargas Llosa says that, in democratic elections (in their communist paradises, such as China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and Russia until 1992, there are no democratic political elections) “the important thing is not that there be freedom, but vote well ”. Think of this phrase, Mrs. Díaz, firstly, because of its meaning, and secondly because of who says it, since Mr. Vargas Llosa, in addition to being a Nobel Prize in Literature, was a candidate for the Presidency of Peru and therefore so much, something you must know about the importance of votes in politics in certain countries and its subsequent consequences.

I believe that the phrase of Vargas Llosa that you have not understood is more in relation to what his brave political colleague Rosa Díez says: “What democracy means is not guaranteeing the right to vote, but rather guarantee the right to choose “. The more you can freely choose, that is, vote well, the worse the results for left-wing political parties.

5. Democracy has many detractors as you well know, “Democracy is the least bad of political systems” (Winston Churchill) and free elections giving the value of an equal vote Democrats accept any citizen, by the way, not communists, right? That the vote of Jorge Javier Vázquez has the same value as that of Pedro J. Ramírez or the vote of the ministers Irene Montero or Alberto Garzón is equal to that of Nadia Calviño, seems to me a barbarity and capital injustice, but I accept it and we accept it Democrats.

Finally, allow me to remind you, Madam Minister of Labor, Ms. Yolanda Díaz that Mr. Mario Vargas Llosa is, very briefly: Nobel Prize in Literature in 2010, member of the Royal Spanish Academy and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences , honorary doctorate from the universities of Yale, University of Lima, Ben Gurion of Israel, Harvard, San Marcos de Lima, Oxford, European University of Madrid, La Sorbonne, La Rioja, Málaga, Alicante, Simón Bolívar de Caracas, Católica del Peru, Granada, Castilla-La Mancha, Autonomous of Mexico, Cayetano Heredia de Lima, Carlos III University of Madrid, University of Burgos and the University of the Republic of Uruguay.

Therefore, calling Mr. Mario Vargas Llosa “honorable Nobel Prize” seems to me a grammatical incorrectness and a kick to the RAE, a professional injustice, a lack of respect, a lack of education and above all, a tremendous stupidity, inappropriate for a member of the Council of Ministers of the Government of Spain.

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Mrs. Díaz and the honorable Nobel Prize

Hank Gilbert