Mexico’s litigation against arms in the US seeks peace in the region: SRE

The lawsuit that the Mexican government has filed in the United States for negligent trade against 11 arms manufacturing companies seeks, ultimately, to achieve and promote peace in the region, assured the legal adviser of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alejandro Celorio .

“What do science, technology, peace and the litigation that the Mexican government has undertaken against illicit arms trafficking have to do with it? It has to see everything. We are suing, as the government of Mexico, 11 US companies that, due to their negligent and illicit actions and omissions, facilitate the illicit trafficking of arms to our country.

“Our region is hit by the scourge of illicit arms trafficking,” he said during his participation in the discussion with Nobel Prize winners in Latin America “United in Diversity.”

For his part, the Chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard, reiterated that despite the difficulties involved, especially in the current era where there are a series of changes in world politics, Mexico promotes peace consistently on the international stage.

“It is very complex to achieve peace among nations, especially at this time when there is a geopolitical change in the world (…) Peace has always been a permanent concern (…) Mexico is a primary, consistent promoter of peace“, he detailed.

In that sense, the Chancellor stressed that Mexico has always tried to strengthen multilateral institutions, “We are one of the most active countries in this: denuclearize America, the Treaty of Tlatelolco, very recently initiatives against the negligence of the arms industry ”.

In his turn, the ambassador of the European Union in Mexico, Gautier Mignot, assured regarding the challenges implied by peace in the world, and especially in Europe, that there are still threats and dangers from countries that believe in war, force and domination, without mentioning them directly.

“We live in the midst of dangers, threats, with other powers that believe more in force and domination, even in war than in peace, even on the European continent where the task of peace beyond the borders of the European Union it continues to be a fragile work to be consolidated ”, he explained.

Mignot explained that a dilemma the world faces to achieve and maintain peace is how to be a credible and autonomous actor at the security and defense level, referring in particular to the European Union, without fueling the growth of tensions and the arms race.

“To be able to talk face-to-face with other powers and seek paths of peaceful understanding. Saying that I don’t want of course criticize the apostles of peace or even less call them naive as some sometimes do. These apostles of peace are essential, they are the expression of the conscience of humanity and they remind peoples and governments, even those most reluctant to this message, that peace must always prevail ”, he emphasized

Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Peace Prize in 1992, reiterated during the discussion, in which Edmundo de Alba Alcaraz also participated, who also received the award, but in 2007, that the most important thing about peace is the balance that we are obliged to build in our environment.

“Wherever we are, the decision to make our role, our life, our teaching is to facilitate dialogue, facilitate rapprochement between people, andbetween cultures, facilitate the rapprochement between identities, between peoples, between ethnic groups, but also to get closer to our being, our human species wherever it may be ”, he said.


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Mexico’s litigation against arms in the US seeks peace in the region: SRE