Mario Vargas Llosa, former presidents of Latin America and other public figures sign a letter in support of 15N

The International Foundation for Freedom (FIL) has launched a letter, promoted by the president of that organization and Nobel Prize in Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, to support the peaceful demonstration called in Cuba on November 15. We already have more than 70 prominent signatories, among them are former presidents of different countries of Latin America and important people from the world of culture, said Ignacio Bongiovanni, FIL member in DIARIO DE CUBA.

“The idea is that this letter becomes virilized to may the eyes of the world be on Cuba and in all the cities in which these will be given peaceful demonstrations of 15N. It is a letter in support of the Cuban people (…) The objective is for politicians, who have the power of action, to express what is happening in Cuba, where there is a dictatorship that torture, kills and drives the people to misery“Bongiovanni added.

For his part Lázaro Mireles, president of Actions for Democracy, He commented that “with a difference to what we organized on July 25, where a single action was carried out in Spain concentrated in Madrid, this time we have decided to multiply actions. That wherever there is a Cuban feel the responsibility to act for Cuba and raise their voice. That is the message that should continue to reach the Havana regime. We Cubans around the world are more and more and we unite our voices with more force due to the change in the system on the island. “

“We are very proud to see how the demonstrations are multiplying around the world and how Europe continues to add actions. Many platforms that are friendly to dissent have joined. Madrid has recently become a pedestal of freedom in Europe. We have to return to host this activism that is multiplying. “

So far, more than 80 cities around the world have called protests in support of those who will take to the streets in Cuba that day.

Meanwhile, on the island, as the civic march promoted by civic platform Archipelago and called for the 15th, the Cuban regime has increased the threats against its promoters and potential participants.

A week ago the activist Daniela Rojo, one of the administrators of the platform, received a “warning” from State Security to think about the consequences for her children growing up without her, alluding to the possibility of imprisoning her.

Another member of the Edel Carrero Archipelago was fired from the Havana Theater Center, where he worked as a computer scientist, for his support for the November 15 march, as reported on his Twitter account.

Earlier, at least two Cuban workers who expressed their support for the march had suffered layoffs.

The main promoter of the Archipelago platform and of the peaceful march of November 15, the playwright Yunior García Aguilera, suffered an act of repudiation at home.

Numerous human rights organizations and political parties have expressed concern about the repression of the Cuban regime against citizens who intend to participate in the civic march.

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Mario Vargas Llosa, former presidents of Latin America and other public figures sign a letter in support of 15N

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