López Obrador, the best president

No doubt Andrés Manuel López Obrador he is the best president, the problem is that he is wrong in time, country, place and some would say even in the universe.

Thus, while some rulers have been famous for being ahead of their time, in the case of the Tabasco, the exact opposite happens. The president’s constant is that he seems stuck in the pages of an old history book without evolution.

His speech in the Security Council at the UN was a palpable example of the circumstances that he lives, always out of date, oblivious to the national and world reality; living and ruling your way, regardless of whether you set a stance in front of world leaders or in the morning. He does not know how to model his speech to the audiences, for him the audiences are the ones that must adapt to his narrative and interest, and that is not how the communication of a statesman, of a world leader, works.

Perhaps in Mexico, his “I get tired goose”, “the power mafia”, “I am the President most attacked since Madero” work because he knows the people he is speaking to, he knows how to connect, but the Tabasco speech stops the world requires much more effort and public speaking. That is why, frankly, no one expected the speech he gave last Tuesday to shake the world, even the international media practically ignored it.

Perhaps that speech would have been fine in another scenario or at another time, but not in the year 2021. The President must understand once and for all that the world is something more than Macuspana.

This, of course, was not an obstacle for the Morenoist deputy Patricia Armendariz propose the president as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for the presentation of his World Plan for Fraternity and Welfare. What a wonderful idea from the legislator! But he shouldn’t have stayed there, the President also deserves it for his work in favor of “hugs, not bullets” that the Mexican cartels are so happy about. They would surely be the first to applaud such a commendable proposal and would finance the campaign in favor of the nomination.

But, already entered in expenses, why settle for the Nobel Peace Prize? He could well propose it to obtain the Medicine one, which he could share with the award-winning doctor Hugo Lopez Gatell. Both could be creditors of the decoration for their investigations into the non-use of the mask to combat the covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the president could easily obtain it by discovering the “stop and the protective shield of honesty” as remedies against such a dreaded virus.

With Manuel Bartlett could win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for being the first country in the world to find the formula to stop climate change using fossil fuels.

Of course, he could also obtain the Nobel Prize in Economics for the economic model that has been implemented in Mexico called Primero los Pobres and that has been so successful that 6.3 million Mexicans stopped being middle class to move to the lower class, according to Inegi.

But, if for some reason the jury of the Nobel prizes turns out to be neoliberal and refuses to see the fundamental contributions of President López Obrador to the world, even to the universe, and they deny him any of the awards, the deputy Armendariz and his fellow Morenoites will always be able to propose him to occupy the Pulitzer Prize, the Prince of Asturias, the Silver Goddess or the TV and Novels prize, of lost. Don’t let your spirits drop.

What is a fact is that Andrés Manuel López Obrador He is right to point out that he is a misunderstood president of his time, simply because he does not live in his time!

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López Obrador, the best president