Laporta, Nobel laureate for laughter

Analysis of the covers of sports newspapers today

Youth, divine treasure,

and you’ll not return!

When I want to cry, I do not cry…

And sometimes I cry without wanting to …

Good morning dear friends.

Sorry we started by remembering these famous verses by the Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío (with their corresponding commas before the vocative), but it is the first thing that comes to mind when we contemplate the cover of the newspaper Marca.

For a moment we thought that the cover showed us three kids with a gesture of satisfaction knowing that they are going to receive a check for 400 euros for cultural expenses, among which who knows if it could be considered football, even that of Atleti, but if we look with a little more detail we will see that it is about three players of the National Team whose body asks us to change the spelling: Yéremi, Gavi and Bryan. We know, they are their names or nicknames and they are correctly written, but this elderly analyst loses dozens of neurons every time he has to write names of footballers like those mentioned or those of Yerry Mina, Malcom, Brayan, Jeison or Yeferson. And our language, that of Rubén Darío, Mario Vargas Llosa, Javier Marías or Belén Esteban is beautiful enough to ask us about their care and defense on this website that we define as Madridismo and syntax, and especially in this week when it is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature to a writer with the perfect name of a forward.

The three young FIbros are confident before the Final, a firm confidence no matter how much some of these aspiring FIguras keep FIcha del FIlial. Perhaps the FIchaje of some by a great of the Premier supposes the FINAL of the financial problems of his club, a club that FInge to be able to FIQ in the winter market when it cannot even sign the pending FIniquitos.

Philosophy culé “Laportiana” in the hilarious box below: “I had the illusion that Messi played for free.” Ha ha ha, excuse me, we choked on our breakfast coffee. And I had the illusion that Charlize Theron was spending the night in my apartment! AFFIRM that the FIdelity of the FIguras to the club is such that Messi himself could exercise an act of philanthropy like that is simply FIlfa, good smoke. The 555 million player in four years playing for free. Jan, your thing is joking and good teasing, but the press cataculé maintains and amplifies this nonsense.

Home Sports World 09-10-21

“When I want to cry, I do not cry…”. And sometimes I unintentionally get off my feet. Laporta waited for a gesture from Messi, perhaps the thumb up like the three yogurines on the cover of Marca, but the one showing the thumb is the president of Barça himself, with the notable difference that he seems about to press the nuclear button of massive destruction. He deceived all the partners with promises that he knew were unfounded, of which only the one that we were going to have fun has been kept.

Another thumbs up on the cover of Sport, that of one of the most “heated” players by the press in memory.

Home Sport 09-10-21

“Pedri de oro” seems to us a candidate for top ten of gruesome headlines, without any grace or musicality, a firm contender for the title along with “FeliciRondo”. Finally, something other than his haircut draws our attention to this young canary and it is his surprising inclusion in the list of 30 applicants for the Ballon d’Or, one more example of the power of the press when they repeat a mantra. up to society.

On the day we learned of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to journalists María Ressa, from the Philippines, and to the Russian Dmitry Muratov, for their defense of freedom of expression in more than complicated circumstances, we are still struck by the null journey that the statements of the club’s CEO, Ferrán Reverter, have had, in which he stated that Barça paid journalists during the time of Bartomeu. What a scandal, we have discovered that it is played here! What captain Renault would say in White HouseHow could we imagine such a thing happening in the worlds of “Messi, Neymar, Suárez and Lautaro together”. Sport says that the favorite for the Ballon d’Or is Leo Messi, we assume that a free and disinterested opinion due to the clear improvement that led to falling 1-4 of PSG compared to the exact double of the previous year against Bayern.

We save the best of the covers for last, for the only one who does not come out showing a thumb, but with crossed arms and the face of few friends, our admired Karim Benzema.

Cover As 09-10-21

We do not know if there were no more photos, but the fact is that it does not seem to show an excessive illusion for the possible prize. If it were due to merits for the Ballon d’Or, the Frenchman has accumulated them for a long time, but we know that this award rewards other virtues, which are not always football. Seeing Karim play is a privilege that Madridistas have enjoyed for twelve years and we hope that he will be able to maintain that level for a long time to come, although youth, that divine treasure, is leaving never to return.

Karim, past and present of Real Madrid who tells us what the future could be, Mbappé. Tomorrow they will both face the Luis Enrique National Team in the final of UEFA’s new collection invention, the Nations League. Let each one take sides for whoever they consider.

Have a nice day. Thumbs up, even if it is to take us over the bridge with the backpack on our back.

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Laporta, Nobel laureate for laughter

Hank Gilbert