Hemingway’s world in Cuba attracts tourism (+ Photos)

Many people who come to the island from anywhere in the world seek to find those traces, especially now, after the reopening of the travel industry here on the 15th of this month.

It is a highly demanded itinerary in this nation, especially by North American visitors, and is linked to the novelist who at the time declared himself “a sato Cuban” and lived in the archipelago for more than 20 years, leaving his mark on many places.

This route includes the Bay of Havana, Old Havana, the Ambos Mundos Hotel, the Floridita Bar-Restaurant, Las Terrazas de Cojímar, the Hatuey Brewery (complex of places and lounges), the Marina Hemingway, the Finca Vigía and the Mégano and Coco keys.


The Bronze God of American Literature set aside spaces with a lot of character for himself, where he met with his friends, talked, drank or wrote.


Born on July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, he arrived for the first time in Cuba, in Havana Bay, on April 1, 1928, at 10:50 p.m. local time, during a cloudy night with a hazy horizon, as read notes of the time.

He came then accompanied by his second wife Pauline Pfaiffer on a trip from France to Key West, with a stopover in this capital.

She was five months pregnant.

A year later, the young reporter approached Cuban waters on the boat Anita to fish for marlin.

From those encounters he loved Cuba dearly.

However, other authors consider that he came to the island attracted by a stormy woman, named Jane Mason in 1929.

From that year until 1936, he had an active life in Havana, which made him a member of bars such as Floridita.

In Cojímar, a fishing village in the eastern area, where his yacht Pilar docked, is the La Terraza restaurant, specialized in seafood and fish.

In 1930, Hemingway sailed through the central-north Cuban area, through the Guillermo, Coco and Romano keys, and the Maternillos Lighthouse.

He also visited Camagüey (east), especially towns like Palm City, a curious city founded by Germans.

In those years the Hemingway myth was built, before its definitive installation in this nation in 1940, with round trips to the United States.

Later he traveled through Confites and Lobo keys, after the sinking of two North American ships by German submarines.

Towards the west end, in the north of the province of Pinar del Río, is Cayo Mégano de Casiguas, baptized by Hemingway as Paradise.

On the route of the writer, it is good to point out the Hatuey brewery party room in this capital, because in 1956 he gave the Cubans his medal that accredited him as the Nobel Prize for Literature (1954).

Barlovento, current Marina Hemingway, was where in 1950 she had her only meeting with the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro (1926-2016).

Hemingway, who committed suicide with a shotgun on July 2, 1961 in Ketchum, Idaho, received recognition from the island’s tourist authorities in the 1950s and maintains his presence in any cosmopolitan space or remote from Cuba.

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Hemingway’s world in Cuba attracts tourism (+ Photos)