Four Nobel Laureates call for humanitarian action on the border with Belarus

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Berlin, Nov 9 (EFE) .- The Nobel Prize winners in Literature Olga Tokarczuk (Poland), Svetlana Alexievich (Belarus), Herta Müller (Germany) and Elfriede Jellinek (Austria) ask in a letter to the European Parliament (PE) “not to close eyes before the tragedy “currently occurring on the border between Poland and Belarus and seek a humanitarian solution.

The letter indicates that the state of emergency declared by the Polish Government has led to the inaccessibility of medical teams to the area to help the sick as well as the media, so that the information that arrives is fragmentary.

“However, the partial information gives a vision of the gigantic dimensions of the humanitarian catastrophe that is occurring on the border of the EU,” says the letter published in the newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine” and other European media.

The four writers describe a situation that begins with the promises of the strongman of the Belarusian regime, Alexander Lukaschenko, that he attracts refugees to Minsk, from where he takes them to the forests near the Polish border.

“There they are taken with violence towards Poland, the Polish border authorities also return them with violence. In the most serious cases the confrontation has a fatal outcome. We know the name of some of the dead, others die anonymously,” he adds the text.

European writers also ask “not to take our eyes off the tragedy” and say that “too often in the history of Europe we have allowed ourselves ignorance.”

“We close our eyes. We cover our ears. We remain silent. The history of Europe shows us that there is an uncomfortable knowledge that torments. Most people did not want to allow it to protect their own comfort. Today the situation is repeating itself,” they say.

The writers say that they conceive the EU first and foremost as “a moral community based on rules of human solidarity.

“We admit that it is not easy to cope with a storm of despair at European borders. But what we are allowing at our borders is not in line with our core European values,” they argue.

“We ask that this humanitarian crisis be resolved as soon as possible, respect the rules of the Geneva Convention for refugees and give access to the asylum procedure to all those who request it and are detained at the EU border,” he adds.

They also call for a diplomatic initiative in the Middle East to deal with Lukaschenko’s strategy of bringing the largest number of desperate refugees to the border with Poland to destabilize the EU and “above all allow access for humanitarian organizations to provide medical and legal aid. “. EFE

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Four Nobel Laureates call for humanitarian action on the border with Belarus

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