For the second time, the Nobel Prize will be held virtually

For the second consecutive year the award ceremony of the Nobel Prizes will be held without the presence of the winners due to the pandemic, which has forced the Nobel Foundation to explore new digital formats to bring the celebrations to a global audience.

With the concession today of Nobel Prize in Economics to David Card, Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens The round of announcements of these awards is closed, which will have their next big appointment with the public on December 10, when they are traditionally delivered in Stockholm all awards, except for Peace what happens in Oslo.

The new nobels will not participate this year in the celebrations, which last a week and in which they visit the Swedish capital to star in multiple events.

The Nobel Foundation announced last month that they will not travel to Stockholm and will once again receive the award in their home countries.

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The executive director of the Nobel Foundation, Vidar Helgesen, said that not having the new nobels in Sweden was, on the one hand, a “difficult” decision, in the sense that it was not what they wanted, but, on the other, it was not so much taking into account “all the uncertainty on the course of the pandemic and its impact on international travel. “

Where normal celebrations are possible, both 2020 and 2021 laureates are “welcome” to Stockholm.

Unlike last year, when the ceremony was only virtual and recordings of the nobels receiving the medals and diplomas were broadcast, this time it is expected to have a local audience for the delivery, which will be held at the City Hall of the Swedish capital. as well as in other events planned during the week.

The Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee continues to keep open the possibility of receiving journalists in Oslo Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov, laureates this year with the Peace Prize, a decision that will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Nobel Prize winners are no strangers to the alteration that the Covid-19 has caused in the daily life of the entire planet and the Foundation, which bears the name of its creator, “has been forced to think of new ways to celebrate the winners and their achievements,” said its executive director.

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“We have never organized small ceremonies in which the winners receive their medals and diplomas in their countries of origin”, as happened last year and this one.
The pandemic -he added- “also made us strive to find new ways and digital formats to reach a global audience” and, in this edition, they want to achieve that “formats and events can work” both “in situ” and virtually .

The experience of the previous year was positive because, “in many of the events we saw a great participation of our global audience in our channels. An example is the delivery ceremony”.

Others such as the Nobel Prize concert, which until now was only face-to-face, last year was broadcast on the internet with what “much more public” could follow.

Again, there will not be a banquet of honor, which is a tradition in the country to follow on television, which “some Swedes” have already missed, Helgesen said.

In any case, last year, like this one, – he added – everything possible was done by the Foundation to “highlight the importance of science, literature and peace and celebrate the winners.”


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For the second time, the Nobel Prize will be held virtually

Hank Gilbert