Everything ready and ready for the 11th Future Congress: “Learning to live together” – Senate – Republic of Chile

At the launch of the activity, its mixed nature was highlighted (face-to-face in eleven regions and simultaneous streaming) and that for the first time there will be a day dedicated to education and digital citizenship for girls and women.

How to deal with a constantly evolving society? That is the question that those attending the eleventh version of the Future Congress which will take place between January 17 and 21, 2022 under the motto “To learn to live together”.

This time, the main scientific dissemination event in the country will have more than 80 exhibitors from 20 countries, which will be held – virtually and in person – in eleven regions, and for the first time a fifth day dedicated to education and citizenship was added. digital in girls and women.

This was reported by the president of the Commission for Challenges of the Future, Science, Technology and Innovation, Senator Guido Girardi together with the members of said instance: the legislators Francisco Chahuán, Carolina Goic, Juan Antonio Coloma and Alfonso de Urresti.

Also present at the launch of the activity were the Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Andrés Couve; the undersecretary of the portfolio, Carolina Torrealba; and the executive president of the Fundación Encuentros del Futuro, Daniel Fernández.

Senator Girardi affirmed that “humanity experiences changes that human beings do not control. Until now all changes had a manageable speed, for the first time we have a technology that surpasses human brains. We must understand that the thought, the politics, the institutions that we have respond to a world in extinction and do not serve for the challenges that come ”.

Meanwhile, Minister Couve celebrated that from next year “an alliance is consolidated that will allow – by law – to transfer resources from the ministry to the Future Congress, which has played a relevant role in bringing knowledge to society (…) and deepening the reflection on how we design our own path towards sustainable, comprehensive and inclusive development ”.


It should be remembered that events – face-to-face and virtual – will be held in parallel in ten other regions apart from the Metropolitan Region. The Magallanes region senator, Carolina Goic explained that “Future Congress invites us to learn post-pandemic hand in hand with world-class men and women in the scientific field. It is very important to connect and create a different community to build a better world for everyone ”.1637009533 130 Everything ready and ready for the 11th Future Congress Learning

Then the senator from the Maule region, Juan Antonio Coloma commented that “this year’s version raises the idea of ​​how to live with nature, with each other and with the new things that come; but also how to protect that nature of the human being. I hope that there are many of us who, from different places, particularly regions, can come together and reflect on how we live together ”.

From the Los Ríos region, Senator Alfonso De Urresti stated that “we work with the regional government, the university, the scientific world and many young creators who are investigating the future. We will continue working so that events of this nature continue to be held in regions and science is decentralized ”.


Among the exhibitors that will be present are:

  • Esther Duflo, 2019 Nobel Laureate in Economics for her studies on inequality in developing countries and current director of the Department of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Nicolás Mialhe, co-founder of “The Future Society”, and member of institutions dedicated to the ethical development of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Timnit Gebru, leader in research on ethics and algorithmic biases in AI (…) and the presence of racism and sexism on digital platforms
  • Gonzalo Moratorio, Uruguayan virologist who created one of the first tests to detect the presence of COVID-19 in the body. Work recognized by the prestigious scientific journal Nature
  • Ko Barret, an expert in climate policy and vice chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and
  • Daniel Pauly marine biologist, specialist in maritime resources of the world, who will share his studies and projections on threatened marine biodiversity.

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Everything ready and ready for the 11th Future Congress: “Learning to live together” – Senate – Republic of Chile