Entrepreneurship as a woman

Being a woman and an entrepreneur, two concepts that, for world society, currently represent a handicap.

Entrepreneurship as a woman is synonymous with courage, strength and perseverance. Today, this concept is a handicap for many people, but the truth is that, in the history of female entrepreneurship, we find many brilliant women who have changed the business world, breaking the inequalities between men and women in the business world, where the term ‘glass ceiling’ is evident in the decision-making and management positions of most large companies.

Entrepreneurial women who have marked a before and after in history, especially the first women who decided to undertake despite the time they were in or the economic crisis, launching projects, businesses or companies that have revolutionized the world, as the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, Marie Curie for the discovery of radioactive elements and whose research changed the world. In addition, she received a second Nobel Prize, was appointed director of the Paris Radio Institute, and the Curie Institute was founded in her name. In the economic and fashion-related field, Coco Chanel is one of the most famous first entrepreneurs in the world when in the first decade of the 20th century she opened her own store and soon her daring designs began to go around the world.

In recent times, and increasingly, it is committed to giving visibility to the female figure and its situation when undertaking projects or businesses, however, various women have been forced to resign, in many cases due to lack of infrastructure, economic or social support or the inability to combine professional and personal life due to a society conditioned by strong traditional roots.

For this reason, every November 19, the International Day of Women Entrepreneurs is celebrated, promoted by the UN since 2014, in order to recognize the effort and value of women entrepreneurs. A date marked within the international calendar to sensitize society about the obstacles and difficulties that exist in the current business and financial ecosystem for those women who want to undertake.

The reason why the day of women entrepreneurs is celebrated is the need to vindicate, among other things, female entrepreneurship as a social tool to break with social prejudices and put an end to existing inequalities.

At present, Spain has led the parity in the European environment in recent years, despite the fact that the entrepreneurial profile continues to be predominantly male, it is one of the countries where the greatest number of female entrepreneurs exists, specifically, there are 9 women female entrepreneurs for every 10 men, compared to the European average of 6 women for every 10 male entrepreneurs.

According to the data of natural persons registered with Social Security as self-employed, in the first quarter of 2021, men represented 64.4% and women 35.6% of the total. While, in the industrial sector, the percentage of women is extremely low with 24.5%, and, above all, in the construction sector (3.9%). In the services sector there is a higher proportion: 42.4% women, compared to 57.6% of men. However, in recent decades, women have reached 47% in their presence in paid employment, when previously it was 31%.

In our current business environment, women have been advancing for decades and breaking stereotypes, acquiring better positions of leadership and responsibility in the company and in the economy. However, we still have a long way to go, and for this, it is important both to train and promote female entrepreneurship, as well as to make visible those entrepreneurial projects so that we can be a reference in the current environment, promoting new generations.

Identifying the business opportunity, objectives and business strategy is key when starting an entrepreneurship project. Traditionally, there have been differences between men and women on the cultural perspective, values ​​or skills when starting a business. A current situation that we must tackle through awareness campaigns, awareness and specific training on business creation and entrepreneurship on a gender basis.

For this reason, a multitude of initiatives are added this month to highlight, make visible and recognize the efforts of women entrepreneurs. Projects such as the LIFEM Movement, which seeks, through the implementation of various projects and initiatives, to empower, vindicate and give visibility to the leadership of women in all facets of life, both personally and professionally and of which they are part, and increasingly, a multitude of personalities, companies and institutions committed to the enhancement of female talent, equality and parity as ambassadors of the same.

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Entrepreneurship as a woman