Doctor Fauci, a Nobel Prize winner in Economics and one of the first scientists to create a test to detect Covid: Future Congress unveils its 2022 grid – La Tercera

Under the motto To learn to live together, the Senate of Chile -through the Future Challenges Commission– and the Future Meetings Foundation (FEF) They launched this Monday the new version of Congreso Futuro, the most important science, technology, humanities, art and innovation outreach event in Latin America.

The event will take place in Santiago and 10 other regions of the country between January 17-21, 2022. During the presentation, the presence of more than 80 experts from more than 20 countries was confirmed.

Under the motto “To learn to live together”, the new version of this science festival will cover topics such as the global transformation generated by the pandemic, the same that modified our way of living, communicating, facing problems and where science and knowledge they had a fundamental role in directing humanity.

The grid for the new version will be headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, advisor to the United States government in the fight against coronavirus and one of the most respected and listened to scientists in the current pandemic around the world.

Anthony Fauci. Photo: AFP

It also includes the winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics, Esther Duflo, who was recognized for her studies. on inequality within developing countries. She is currently the director of the Department of Economics of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

There will also be great exhibitors and exhibitors who will get to problematize about the next challenges of Artificial Intelligence. Among them stands out the specialist in technologies, Nicolás Mialhe, co-founder of “The Future Society”, and member of several international institutions dedicated to the ethical development of Artificial Intelligence, as well as social welfare based on the application of this technology.

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Esther Duflo. Photo: AFP

Next to him, there will also be Timnit Gebru, computer scientist and leader in research on ethics and algorithmic biases in AI. One of its strengths is highlighting the presence of racism and sexism on digital platforms.

Another of the illustrious guests will be Gonzalo Moratorio, a Uruguayan virologist who created one of the first tests to detect the presence of Covid-19 in the body. His work was recognized as one of the “10 of Nature”, carried out by the prestigious scientific journal.

1636994744 275 Doctor Fauci a Nobel Prize winner in Economics and one
Gonzalo Moratorio.

To speak about climate change, Ko Barret, an expert in climate policy and vice president of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), will be present.

The marine biologist and one of the world’s leading specialists in marine resources studies, Daniel Pauly, will share his vision on his studies and projections regarding a threatened marine biodiversity.

The executive director of the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation, Nicolás Fernández, noted that this version will be broadcast via streaming, in a hybrid format and free to the entire community and that will address a new form of coexistence. “It will take on the issues of the last two years, such as the pandemic, climate change, social and political problems and that we need to coexist with them in this new world,” said Fernández.

Fernández added that the last version had a very good interaction with the virtual public, which they hope to strengthen in the new version.

“We live in a key moment, where it is necessary to listen to each other and decide how we are going to live together in this world that showed us its ability to change and challenge us day by day,” he said.

1636994744 707 Doctor Fauci a Nobel Prize winner in Economics and one
Image of the 2021 version of the event.

The president of the Future Challenges Commission, Senator Guido Girardi, stated that in this new version of the Future Congress “we are going to discuss the most interesting frontiers of what is happening to us. This is already one of the most important events in the world and surely the most important in Latin America and we want to discuss these challenges ”.

In addition, the parliamentarian emphasized that “we have the possibility of transforming Chile into a strategic potential for the planet, that is, that from Chile we can give hydrogen to all humanity and save the planet. We can generate green copper for electrical transition and electromobility. We can feed an important part of humanity with our ocean all this and we will see more of it in Future Congress ”.

The Minister of Science, Andrés Couve, celebrated that starting next year an alliance is being consolidated that will allow the transfer of resources by law from the Ministry to the Future Congress, recognizing the historical role that this event has had in bringing knowledge to society. In addition, he pointed out that “at a time when we must respond to local and planetary challenges, we hope that this new edition of the Future Congress will continue to strengthen citizenship through knowledge and allow deepening reflection on how our country designs its own path towards development. sustainable, comprehensive and inclusive ”.

During this new version of Future Congress, a new day will be integrated into the well-known cycle of talks and panels of exhibitors from the country and the planet. During the fifth day of this edition the event will take place “Education and Digital Citizenship for Female Empowerment”. The idea of ​​this day will focus on generating a discussion around key issues such as education and digital citizenship of girls, young people and adults, to understand how they enhance the autonomy and empowerment of women.

In parallel, this new version of the Future Congress also includes parallel events in 10 regions of the country. Between January 17 and 21, the exhibitors will pass through the main areas of Chile. From Antofagasta to Magallanes, different talks will be presented parallel to the central event where relevant topics will be addressed. Senator Carolina Goic, a member of the Future Challenges Commission and representative of Magallanes, where CF 2022 will be held on Monday, January 17, pointed out that “Future Congress invites us to learn post-pandemic from the hands of great men and women of world class in science. There will be 10 regions that will participate in this version, that is why it is so important to take advantage of connecting and creating a different community in order to build a world that is better for everyone ”.

The senator of the Maule region, Juan Antonio ColomaHe indicated that “this year’s version raises the idea of ​​how to live with nature, with each other and with the new things that come; but also how to protect that nature of the human being. I hope that there are many of us, that from different places, particularly regions, we can come together and reflect on how we live together ”.

From the Los Ríos region, Senator Alfonso De Urresti He pointed out that the meeting in regions, especially the one he represents, is held jointly. “We have worked with the regional government, with the University, the scientific world, with many young people and creators who participate in this instance, with Nobel Prize winners and great scientists and thinkers who are dreaming and researching about the future. We are going to continue working so that science is decentralized and events of this nature continue to function in regions ”.

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Doctor Fauci, a Nobel Prize winner in Economics and one of the first scientists to create a test to detect Covid: Future Congress unveils its 2022 grid – La Tercera