1. A collective existential crisis cannot be resolved with rhetoric alone. Will the international discursive commitment, which consists of ‘fully restore harmony with Nature (whatever this means) ‘, by the year 2050? Here, the page of the United Nations Conference on Biological Diversity

2. A visual guide that explains how natural disasters – and differentiated government support programs – further widen the gap between rich and poor. The Guardian

3. And now this. Human guinea pigs in Bolsonaro’s Brazil. Authorities investigate hundreds of deaths in the ‘study’ (that is to say) of an ‘experimental drug’ recommended by the Trump of the Southern Cone. The country

Four. World leaders must embrace the links between hunger and the climate crisis. The Rappler, a Filipino media outlet run by the journalist harassed by the duterterism Maria ressa, co-winner (with the Russian Dmitry Muratov, editor of Novaya Gazeta) of the Nobel Peace Prize 2021

5. Why algorithms in social networks are, in the opinion of a British specialist in matter, every time more dangerous. BBC World

6. And no: it is not news from the 1950s and the Cold War. Vox weapon Fascist International, with important Latin American chapters: Bolsonaro from Brazil (but of course); the Peruvian K. Fujimori and the ultra Chilean Kast (even former Colombian president Andrés Pastrana joins the gloomy cast). And the PAN members (and PRI members) who at the time lent themselves to get in the picture in the Senate with the undisputed leader: the Spanish Abascal? Keep strategic silence; they crouch in the shade. The country

7. ‘After escaping twice, narrowly, from a global economic collapse – first in 2008 and then in 2020, when the coronavirus crisis nearly brought the financial system down – the world now faces a risky future, uncertainties, turmoil and unprecedented climate degradation. World leaders have a simple choice: continue to support a failed economic system, or ditch the Washington Consensus and replace it with a new international social contract.… ‘. In the opinion of the Italian economist Mariana mazzucato, recently published in The country. [email protected] to the Cornwall Consensus, or Cornwall.

8. While the temperature of the oceans increases uncontrollably, the world has already lost (since just 2009!) 14% of its coral reefs. DW in Spanish

9. In the United States of America, a country that daily refines cruelty as Modus Operandi of government and that since Reagan (at least) it has become the seat of the consumption plus conspicuous, millions of covid vaccines continue to be thrown away. The Commerce (Peru)

10. A mystery and a miracle. The Flowering Desert in Atacama, the area with the driest surface on the planet. The country

11. Another desert. The last trip of Lenilda dos Santos: forty-nine years and a lot of life ahead, truncated. Brazilian rural nurse, and mother of two children who are now orphans; what left your home in the Paradise Valley in August to seek a better future, sneaking into the United States. Who died of thirst in the desert near Deming, New Mexico, last September. Heartbreaking chronicle of The Guardian

12. Conclusions of a special committee of the Brazilian Senate are unequivocal: President Jair Bolsonaro commits crimes against humanity. Cnn in Spanish

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