Chancellor Brandt, Nobel Peace Prize


October 21, 1971

High School Strike. The offices of the Rectory of the UAS were taken by a student mob dissatisfied with the authorities of our highest house of studies, sealing the doors of the offices with gummed paper and standing guard in the building. Simultaneously with this rally, another of the parents was held, inviting the youth to channel their concerns in a peaceful way. The dissatisfied faction demands the resignation of the rector, Gonzalo Armienta Calderón, and the general secretary, Rafael Guerra.

Broad support from farmers to Villarreal. Engineer Javier Angulo, president of the Association of Small Agricultural and Livestock Property, gave the widest support to Mr. Nicanor Villarreal, official candidate for the presidency of Ahome, and to Mr. Erasmo Ávila, candidate for the local council. Engineer Angulo said that the small owners and farmers are willing to support the administrative management of Villarreal Alarcón, and will provide the necessary support to the new municipal regime.

Chancellor Brandt, Nobel Peace Prize. Oslo. West German Chancellor and champion of European reconciliation, Willy Brandt, won the 1971 Nobel Peace Prize for creating the preconditions for peace. The 57-year-old social-democratic leader, who has ruled West Germany since 1969, received the world’s most precious humanitarian distinction for his fundamental contribution to strengthening the possibility of peaceful development, not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

Brandt was under attack by the opposition in the lower house of parliament, due to his government’s economic policy, when he was notified of the decision taken by the Norwegian Nobel Prize commission. Immediately, the Christian Democratic leader Rainer Barzel and other opposition leaders, interrupted their criticism of the government, after accusing it of leading the country to inflation, adding to the wave of applause raised in the room before his appointment.

Laurita Toledo’s birthday. A large number of friends and cousins ​​were to congratulate the beautiful Laura Leticia Toledo Bórquez, spoiled queen of the dynasty of Dr. Arturo Toledo and his beautiful wife, Leticia Bórquez de Toledo, who to celebrate their daughter’s anniversary, offered a splendid meeting. Laurita received gifts and listened to the congratulations of her guests, who enjoyed a real party afternoon, in which they broke the piñata and savored a delicious snack.

October 21, 1996

Open will for dialogue. In what is considered a healthy and beneficial action for the public administration and the people of Sinaloa, Governor Renato Vega met with the mayors of the entity’s PAN extraction. In recent months, Sadol Osorio, Francisco López Brito, Roberto Gastélum, Alejandro Camacho and Marco Almaral have complained of discrimination in the allocation of resources to which they are subjected by federal and state authorities. Everything indicates that there was cordiality in the meeting of the governor with the mayors.

The EZLN has not renounced its arms. Chiapas. Subcomandante Marcos affirmed that the Zapatista Army of National Liberation will not become a party and will not launch any of its members to a popular election post in 1997. He mentioned that, although it will strengthen its political work, the armed group has not resigned. For this reason, he said, if the San Andrés table is not resumed with another negotiation scheme, the dialogues will have been a failure and there will hardly be another option for peace.

Cruise is inaugurated. Monfalcone. The world’s largest cruise ship, too wide to cross the Panama Canal, will make a grand departure before commencing its services. The Carnival Destiny built at the Fincatieri shipyard, near Trieste, must dock in Venice for a two-day stopover, before the traditional christening ceremony, breaking a bottle of champagne on its hull. The ship measures 267 meters in length, with a value of 400 million dollars.

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Chancellor Brandt, Nobel Peace Prize

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