Cesar Acuña awarded as Founder of the UCV, the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa to the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Pérez – Caretas Nacional

In a ceremony of distinction, in the city of Buenos Aires, the Cesar Vallejo University; awarded the highest degree offered by the Peruvian university, Doctor Honoris Causa, to the Nobel Peace Prize, Adolfo Pérez Esquive.

This recognition, which has been given to his career as one of the main world figures for the defense of human rights in Latin America, was held on the Campus of the National Pedagogical University – UNIPE and was attended by the university authorities Peruvian as the founder of the Cesar Vallejo University (UCV), Dr. Cesar Acuña Peralta; the Rector of the Cesar Vallejo University, Dra. Jeannette Tantaleán Rodríguez; the General Manager of the Cesar Vallejo University, Dra. Karina Cárdenas Ruiz and the Rector of the National Pedagogical University, Dr. Adrián Cannellotto.

“First I want to thank God because thirty years ago I enlightened myself to found the Cesar Vallejo University and that is why we are all here today. Today, universities have a great responsibility to train professionals for the world, people with values ​​who want to contribute to their country and to the world. We must all have faith and hope, that will be the path to true justice and the dignity of the human being, ”said Acuña Peralta.

Also present at the ceremony were authorities such as the Ambassador of Peru in Argentina, Peter Camino Cannock and the Consul General of Peru in Buenos Aires, Carlos Vallejo Martel; Dr. Adolfo Pérez Esquivel thanked the Peruvian university for the distinction and stated that the work he has been doing is the product of a team of professionals committed to the well-being of citizens.

“This is a shared work of men and women who work permanently for cultural resistance. We are not poor countries, we are impoverished countries and to combat that, we have to educate. Education as a practice of freedom, education as a critical conscience and values. That we have to transmit to the new generations. The struggle does not end, we have democratic systems that are not good and we need a participatory democracy, where men and women have the same rights, “added the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

At the same ceremony, the recognition and mention of Mirta Acuña de Baravalle, activist and militant for the cause of human rights in Argentina and one of the twelve founders of the associations Madre de la Plaza de Mayo and Abuelas de la Plaza was also made. of May.

About the Degree Honoris Causa UCV.

This recognition to Adolfo Pérez is not the first granted by the César Vallejo University. In previous years, personalities such as Tawakkol Karman (2011 Nobel Peace Prize), Shirin Ebadi (2003 Nobel Peace Prize), Leymah Gbowee (2011 Nobel Peace Prize), Jody Williams (Nobel Peace Prize Paz 1997), Rigoberta Menchú (1992 Nobel Peace Prize), Mario Vargas Llosa (2010 Nobel Prize for Literature), Lech Walesa (1983 Nobel Peace Prize) and Muhammad Yunus (2006 Nobel Peace Prize).

It should be remembered that Adolfo Pérez Esquivel was born in Buenos Aires on November 26, 1931. He is an architect by profession, sculptor and teacher.

His work as a prominent defender of human rights and the right of free self-determination of peoples, began in 1971 when he became involved in movements that fight for peace and justice. Since 1976 he has dedicated himself to traveling the world and designing aid and development programs for Latin American indigenous communities, labor movements and other groups of people in need.

In 1980 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight for human rights and, shortly after, he was appointed member of the Executive Committee of the United Nations Permanent Assembly on Human Rights. He has contributed to numerous international missions, in conflict resolution campaigns in South America, Afghanistan, the Middle East, among others.

He currently dedicates his time to the Fundación Servicio, Paz y Justica and the Aldea Niños para la Paz project, which serves numerous children at social risk.

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Cesar Acuña awarded as Founder of the UCV, the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa to the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Pérez – Caretas Nacional