Budget shot annoys the STPS

Colloquially, it could be said that the budget approved by the jubilant deputies of Ignacio Mier wanted to hit the violin – to harm the Judiciary – and they hit the violin – they annoyed the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice Arturo Zaldívar has already warned that the harsh budget cut will make it difficult for the Judiciary to comply with the commitments of the labor reform.

The vindictive myopia of the Executive forgot that not complying with the labor reform is violating the T-MEC, Luisa María Alcalde, head of Labor, could have explained it to him, but, things of the Power, nobody asked him.

Palace, do you want a friar public servants?

The aspiration that Mexico, like other democracies, has a professional public service, oblivious to the political ups and downs typical of democracies, and to ensure the efficient functioning of the State, seems increasingly remote.

As always, the current government replaced many public servants with their sympathizers and, also as always, they created uncertainty and, again, no one thinks of making a career in public service, much less seeing it as a life plan.

Today they are worse, they demand such “mediocrity” that hardly even the most enthusiastic will see being at the service of the State as a life plan. How to do it, if they demand austerity almost comparable to the vow of poverty of the friars of the Catholic mendicant orders?

Health: the pathetic plaque syndrome

Given the already chronic entanglement in the health sector, sometimes, as a recent classic has said, it is necessary to repeat stories that have already been published, such as when the desire expressed at the beginning of the six-year term was recalled: ”.

Reference was made to how when the government of the current CDMX came to lopezobradorism, they cleaned the Setravi, the office of the circulation cards, the driving licenses and the delivery of plates for new cars or with new owners.

From 2000 to 2005, plates that were previously delivered immediately took up to six months for new employees. That’s how long the learning curve. Long live God! The current health officials are almost three years old and not learning. The difference is that 16 years ago they were only license plates and today they are human lives.

Swirling notes

A pity, now it is the CIDE, a valuable and prestigious study center, the one that suffers from the vindications of radicalism that has organized the duffel bag version of the “Mao cultural revolution” … Geez, the senators’ coordinator got angry Morenoists Ricardo Monreal because Minister Norma Piña rebuked them for approving something unconstitutional, such as the transitory one called the “Zaldívar Law” … The second of the Democratic majority in the United States Senate, Dick Durbin received a plural delegation of Mexican senators. To those who use the past as a hammock, a phrase by Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Prize Winner for Literature: “The past is what you remember, what you imagine remembering, what you convince yourself to remember, or what you want to remember.” ..

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Budget shot annoys the STPS