Books of the week: From Nazism to Facebook

A family search in the second world war; a reality show of Science fiction; texts and notes of a Spanish Nobel Prize winner for Literature; Facebook and its distortion of public discourse; legendary Japanese warriors; a classic of Virginia Woolf… these are the books he recommends Labyrinth this week.

Last days in Berlin

“Despite the icy air of that evening, Yuri Santacruz decided to go out into the street. His landlady, Mrs Metzger, had heard the news on the radio: a torchlight parade had been organized to celebrate the appointment of Adolf hitler as the new chancellor of Germany ”. Thus begins this novel that confronts its protagonist with the duty of rescuing his mother and brother, prisoners in Stalin’s Russia, or protecting a young communist persecuted by Hitler’s henchmen, a greater risk to his life.

The Terranauts

Considered one of the best American writers of our time, the author has also been linked to rock (a concert is remembered next to Patti smith). This novel is framed in a reality show of a scientific nature in which eight participants (four men and four women) will live for several months in a glass dome called Ecosphere 2. Through three characters the reader will know the background and development of the project.

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Convergences and divergences

The Nobel Prize in Literature maintained a close relationship with art. Proof of this are his texts and notes, selected by Miguel Angel Muñoz. His gaze is fixed on Spanish painters and, to a lesser but not disinterested measure, on European currents. Through these pages parade the call of the land of Joan Miro, friendship with Pablo Picassor, the footprint of Antonio gaudi, the poetic ways of Eduardo Vicente and a long etcetera that testifies to an unwavering passion.

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After interviewing legislators, investors, academics, executives, and Facebook employees, journalists from The New York Times come to worrying conclusions. The crisis of the Silicon Valley giant, which has called into question its defense of freedom of expression, should not be attributed to the sudden failure of an algorithm but to a commercial strategy that does not hesitate to cultivate secrecy, violate the privacy of its users. and encouraging the ambitions of criminal groups and corrupt governments.

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Chronicles of the samurai

With no other intention than to trace a light tour of feudal Japan, the author has selected 21 passages that paint the entire body of the warrior caste, synonymous with courage and loyalty. Thanks to them we know the exploits and misadventures of heroes and heroines such as Minamoto Yoshitsune, Oda Nobunaga or Miyamoto musashi. To the fresco of knights, poets, artists, swordsmen, a graphic annex is added that reproduces objects, garments and weapons that contain a thousand years of history.

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A room of my own

This essay is based on two conferences, whose theme is women and the novel. It is an essential book for feminism in general and the situation of women writers in England in particular, which should be better known. The phrase that serves as its foundation is forceful: “a woman must have money and a room of her own to be able to write novels.” In those days, Woolf recalls, women couldn’t make a fortune of their own.

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Books of the week: From Nazism to Facebook