Authorities and Authorities

Yolanda Diaz, the Minister of Labor and second vice president of the social-communist government of Sanchez y Díaz, who apparently and according to the director of the The world, Francisco Rosell, when he arrived at the Ministry of Labor, did not know what an ERTE was, he made another huge mistake in a minister with the “inclusive” language of his colleague Irene Montero and the Ministry of Equality. In his speech, two weeks ago, at the closing ceremony of the Confederal Congress of his colleagues from the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO), he said: “Dear colleagues … Authorities, authorities …”.

It is natural that even the communist members of We can already be up to the cataplines (What to say about the other political specters and I don’t even tell the citizens of this country….) about the wishes of Irene Montero, “the neighborhood girl, without training” of the great Lidia Falcón and her continuous kicks to the RAE (never a political party in Spain has made so many mistakes in such a short space of time) and in this case Yolanda Díaz herself has realized the mistake, and has rectified: «Authorities».

It is not the first time that the Communist Minister kick the RAE, since a short time ago and responding to a comment by the Nobel laureate Mr. Mario Vargas Llosa at the People’s Party congress said: “Sir” Nobel Prize. Which motivated for my part a very easy response in the form of an article in this same newspaper El Español.

Really, i what I am a newbie and a total hobbyist When it comes to writing newspaper articles, I encourage other people to do so, as all they have to do is browse the serious digital newspapers of this country, not political pamphlets of the kind. The country, The Plural,, etc, (the others, nor do I name them) all subsidized directly by the Government. You just have to review the numerous and frequent errors published by United We Can or its team of convicts for justice and do a little searching in your private newspaper library and ¡voila! Article ready to send, waiting to be accepted by the newspaper office. They are an inexhaustible source of atrocities.

Is this Yolanda Díaz really the person who is going to compete with the PSOE and the parties of the Spanish right, PP and VOX, in the next elections? Every day I am more surprised with the intellectual capacity of the new politicians of the leftist spectrum of the Spanish panorama and this lady, totally unknown at 50 years old, until Pablo Iglesias arrived, the “supercommunist and shooting star” of Spanish politics, and the half named its successor, it ranks first in my ranking of surprises.

Mrs. Díaz is going to have, apart from her permanent confrontation and consented by President Sánchez with the Minister of Economy and First Vice President of the Government Nadia Calviño for the Labor Reform, which she will not get in her favor, since apart from Calviño, faces the Bank of Spain, the CEOE and the European Union itself, two important obstacles in its aspirations to form a “broad front” in the style of José Múgica in Uruguay, a country where I lived for a year and know a little, and that they are , among others, the “sisters” Irene Montero and Ione Belarra, since “for a woman there is no greater enemy than another woman” and in this case there are two of them, with which she will have to go with feet of steel in her particular war against the communist “sisters”.

Likewise, I believe that Minister Díaz will have an important “help” in the guru Ivan Redondo, since once the time has come, he will approach her and propose, in a clever rather than intelligent way, his appointment as special advisor for her political campaign. She will accept it, since he is a person with political experience and he will kill two birds with one stone, since on the one hand he has a new well-paid job and on the other hand, he returns to Pedro Sanchez, the “diplomat”, his recent kick and departure from his team. Revenge, we already know, is a dish that is eaten cold.

Iván Redondo has proven to be a political mercenary and I am not clear, due to my total inexperience in these political struggles, if this is positive or negative, for the different political parties in which he has provided his services: PP in Extremadura and Catalonia , PSOE in Spain, etc. That is why now the new party to the left of the PSOE is missing, to complete his professional range, since I do not believe that VOX will make the mistake of signing him one day, although in politics nothing is impossible.

By the way, with all due respect, what professional experience Do you have Ms. Yolanda Díaz on your CV (no false master’s degrees, please) to be the Minister of Labor of the Government of a country called Spain?

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Authorities and Authorities

Hank Gilbert