American writer Noah Gordon, author of the novel “The Rabbi”, dies

Noah Gordon dies at 95, his family announced.

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The American writer Noah Gordon, author of numerous best-sellers, died this Monday at the age of 95 “In the privacy of their home,” announced his family in a brief statement issued on the page web

The family, who recalls that he had just celebrated his 95th birthday on November 11, points out that “he leaves an immense void, and his memory will be a blessing for his family who loved him so much,” he points out on his website, which also has a Spanish version.

Noah Gordon had just celebrated his 95th birthday on November 11 (Photo:

Author of bestselling such as “The doctor”, “The last Jew” and “The shaman”, Gordon was particularly successful in Spain, where Editorial Roca, which published almost all of his work, posted a tweet expressing his “immense sadness” but remember that the writer “leaves a wonderful legacy.”

Gordon, from a Jewish family, was translated into numerous languages ​​and his work “touched millions of readers around the planet.”, says the family.

Noah Gordon dies at 95 years of age. (Photo: Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images)

A regular author at airport exhibitors around the world, Gordon’s work was adapted for film on several occasions; The most successful of these was the movie The Doctor (or “The Healer”), directed by Philipp Stolza and starring Tom Payne, Ben Kinglsey and Olivier Martinez.

As is usual among authors of the Jewish creed, the Hebrew world, and especially in medieval times, was one of Gordon preferred to create his literary world.

And yet he did not want to be compared to other American authors who explored the Jewish soul to obsessive extremes, such as Philip Roth or Saul Bellow, and he said that he saw himself neither as a historian nor as a Hebrew ambassador, but a storyteller. , more in the style of a Ken Follet.
“The Rabbi” was the only real success in the United States. (Photo:

“I wanted to write about the sense of belonging and what it means to be American,” he told the web portal last year., founded by the Jewish community of his city, Boston.

Out of all his works, “The Rabbi” was the only true success story in the United States, where it made it to 26 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. in 1965, but that success was no longer repeated.

Different was the case in Europe, and mainly in Germany: “The doctor” (his fourth work) sold 6 million copies in its German edition in 1986 before it had reached 10,000 books in the United States.

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American writer Noah Gordon, author of the novel “The Rabbi”, dies